Even though the comment was off-record, I agree with President Obama: Kanye West did act like a jacka$$.

Most people I spoke to agree that his antics last night at the VMA awards were off-color at best and horrible at worst when he charged upon the stage where winner Taylor Swift stood, and then proceeded to state that “Beyonce had one of the biggest videos of all time!”  SMH (shaking my head).

You will have people who agree with him wholeheartedly, (I think both Beyonce and Swift are talented) and there are some people who think that he was totally wrong for what he did and should be reprimanded somehow.

Was he really wrong?

I ask that because I am wondering how many of his record sales will boost with him making that hubris on national television.  If his record sales do go up, if his celebrity is increased, if his name is still circulating in Hollywood as someone to at least keep an eye on… then Kanye is doing his job.

And apparently, he is getting paid well for being a jacka$$ and doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

Kanye and Swift at the 2009 VMAs.

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It is my opinion that we put these stars on these marble pedestals, watching them precariously balance the expectations of their public and their bosses (the record labels).

All businesses, look at the bottom line, and record executives are no different.  Controversy sells and they know that.  In fact they depend and count on it.

I am not sure that the Kanye Incident was entirely staged, but I am sure that even though his lawyers are working overtime to write up half-hearted apology speeches, his record company might anticipate really good sales from his next album.

“If you have controversy, you will generate an audience,” said Nadir Omowale, local music veteran, winner of 9 Detroit Music Awards and member of Detroit’s Entertainment Commission which was appointed by Mayor Dave Bing earlier this year.

“The old adage is bad publicity is good publicity,” said Omowale.  “People are going to talk about Kanye.  But during the broadcast, I noticed a few things.  After Kanye did his thing, Taylor did a performance and knocked it out of the park.  Right after that, there was a commercial for Swift saying that this was her moment…that was worth noticing.”

I also understand that there are much bigger selling and more famous stars that act much better than Kanye, and I am certainly not condoning his actions, but all morality and ethics aside, Kanye came in the door from day one as a jerk.  He said in one lyric, “I had to use my arrogance as steam to power my dream.”  There is something to be said for realizing your worth and in the world of entertainment, that is required, but Kanye acting out of pocket is nothing brand new…

1. Back in 2005, Kanye went on camera and said that “Bush doesn’t care about Black people”.  True, there are questions of whether former President George W. Bush made smart decisions during the Katrina flood in New Orleans but there are some things that you can’t say flippantly, as Kanye found out from the publicity backlash he received.

2. Remember when Kanye West said that “Bi-Racial” women are mutts?  Okay we know that you are supposedly Black power-oriented but dang, why you gotta dog out the Sistas?  Once again, he got media backlash… I think he began to enjoy it at this point.

3. Remember when he said that he was the new King of Pop now that MJ is dead?  There are SOOOO many things wrong with that statement that I won’t say anything (when the hell can Kanye do a moonwalk?).  He got negative press faster than you can spell B-A-C-K-L-A-S-H…

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