Detroit City Council candidate Jai-Lee Dearing views Detroit as a $4 billion per year business.

“No one on council has balanced anything but a checkbook, prior to going to City Council,” said Dearing, a small business owner who has also served as Detroit Housing Commissioner.

Dearing said he is focused on how to generate revenues and how to bring money into the city.

For him, the key issues are very simple: He wants to focus on how to get the city back to work, on how to repopulate the city, and how the city can generate money.

He believes this is extremely important when Detroit is facing possible receivership.

He also noted that someone has to bring up the question of job creation.

“No one has spoken about how to generate money,” Dearing said. “No one has talked about creating jobs. It takes someone who’s brave and stepping up on faith.”

If no one out there is talking about it, it will never happen.

Other goals include fixing existing street lights and erecting new ones, city-wide clean-up efforts, combating illegal gun sales, and regional transportation.

Dearing also believes some sense of dignity, respect and service needs to be restored to the council. He pointed out that for a long time the council has been viewed as a body of incompetents, but he believes a number of well qualified people are running for office in the current election.

He also said council has nine members because it’s meant to be a variety of people from different backgrounds, with different ideas and different points of view.

Dearing’s website is www.dearingfordetroit.com.

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