The look and feel of your simple checking account has been going through some changes recently.  A new trend in checking accounts is starting to take shape in what we are calling “package checking accounts” here at Fifth Third Bank.

Based on extensive studies we have packaged together products and services that will fit most customers’ needs for a total banking relationship in several different product offerings.  Two of our newer package accounts are the Rewards Checking and Balance Builder Checking package products.  Both of these accounts have no monthly service fee when being considered an active account.  Having an active account simply means that you utilize your account with certain transactions such as direct deposit or use your debit card five or more times during your statement cycle or have five or more checks clear your account.

One of the more popular things to happen to credit cards over the last several years has been earning of Reward points based on your purchases.  We have taken this concept to the next level by not only including the purchases made on the special World Debit MasterCard that comes with the Rewards Checking Package, you also earn 1 point for every $10 you have direct deposited into your account.  Of course we have all of the typical gift cards and a whole online catalog of products to use spend your points on once you have accumulated enough for what you want.  We have taken the redemption of your points on step further as well by letting you turn your points into a deposit to a Goal Setter Savings account or to make a principal payment on an installment loan with Fifth Third Bank.  That way you can achieve your dreams even faster by simply using your account the same way that you always have before but now your are rewarded for that same activity.

Our Balance Builder package has been one of our most popular accounts since we started offering it a few months ago.  We recognize that during the difficult economic times we are experiencing right now that putting money into a savings account can be challenging.  We developed this package to make it easier to develop a disciplined savings program for you through automatic transfers to a Relationship or Goal Setter Savings account.  To help keep you on track with your savings goals, Fifth Third will give you a double-interest bonus for both of these savings accounts based on your checking account activity or in meeting the savings goal that you set.

Stop by any of the ninety Fifth Third branch locations in the Detroit Metro area and one of our bankers can complete a free financial assessment for you to help recommend what package best suits your specific situation.  To find the closest Fifth Third location, just log onto 53.com and click on the Branch & ATM Locator link at the top of the page.

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