Employers Urged To Give Haitians Paid Week Off

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    Ezi Mecha, president of nonprofit World Ebony Network (www.worldebonynetwork.com), which pleads the socioeconomic causes of people of African ancestry, is calling on all private and public sector employers across the U.S. to give their Haitian employees a paid week off to help them deal better with the heavy impact of the devastating Haitian earthquake.

    In the wake of the Jan. 12 earthquake described by a United Nations spokeswoman as “a historic disaster,” many Haitians in the U.S. are still trying to establish the whereabouts of their friends and loved ones in Haiti while others are grieving over friends and loved ones that died in the disaster.

    That is why these employees should be given at least a week of respite, which would allow them to properly attend to their urgent needs without fear of losing their jobs.

    “We at World Ebony Network believe this ‘Week Off for Haitian Employees’ would be a remarkable act of goodwill and compassion on the part of these employers, especially in this atmosphere of job insecurity when employees are afraid of losing their jobs,”  said Mecha whose nonprofit is also organizing a Haiti Solidarity Candlelight Vigil in Silver Springs, Maryland on Wednesday, Jan. 27.  About 2000 people are expected at the solidarity vigil.

    Mecha further notes that while it is expedient to send cash donations to victims in Haiti where such donations are urgently needed, it is also important to provide needed emotional support to members of the Haitian community here through things like personal visits, handwritten cards, prayers and professional counseling.

    “This is a worthy cause for political, community and business leaders to champion,” said Mecha, a former IBM managing consultant.

    More information on the ‘Week Off for Haitian Employees’ campaign is available at http://www.worldebonynetwork.com or by calling (571) 295-2359.


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