Let’s see, the word “random” is defined as “made, done, happening or chosen without method or conscious decision.”

To “muse” is to be “absorbed in thought, say to oneself in a thoughtful manner.”

That being the case, it seems to me that “rando-musing” should be a word. Actually, I thought it was, but I could find no verification of that on the Internet or elsewhere. I even called the Main Library and had them try to find “rando-musing” in one those very old dictionaries that are about 24” thick.

No luck.

But I decided to use the word anyway, justifying it as “journalistic license.”

So into “rando-musing” we go.

SADE is an artist I have a lot of respect for (“Is It a Crime?” is my favorite song by her) and I am so pleased that her “return” album, “Soldier of Love,” is doing so well. She is cool, sophisticated and jazzy.

That said, I wish that Sade would occasionally pick up the pace. An uptempo song by Sade — now there’s a thought! She is a fine artist, but her albums always sound basically the same and put me to sleep. They work better than Sominex.

TRACY MORGAN, best known for his work on “30 Rock” and “Saturday Night Live,” is one of those comedians that I feel uncomfortable with. So often what he does borders on being buffoonish. I can understand Bill Cosby’s concern and criticism.

Another one who makes me uneasy is Flavor Flav. He and Morgan both seem to, all too often, play up to racial stereotypes. Which brings to mind Jimmy “J.J.” Walker on “Good Times.” No wonder John Amos left show after the third season.

and the Pointer Sisters are two acts I enjoy because they perform at such a high energy level and never disappoint.

Obviously they enjoy what they do and are cognizant of the fact that people are watching (television, YouTube, etc.) or attending a concert because they want lively entertainment.

And when it comes to creativity, no one out there today can match the Black Eyed Peas, unless you count Lady Gaga who, for me, is “creative” to the point of it being distracting and detrimental to the music.

, legendary star of screen and stage, made an interesting point recently — that there are not nearly as many movie and television roles for older actresses, such as herself, Ruby Dee, Cicely Tyson, etc., as there should be. (Angela Bassett should also be seen more often, and she’s only 51.)

“I would like to work more than I do,” Carroll said succinctly.

Actress Lonette McKee, who is in her mid-fifties, made the same observation, but was even more blunt. She said producers, directors, studios, etc., make it clear that they do not want older women in front of the camera much, particularly in lead roles.

This is in sharp contrast to, for example, Morgan Freeman, 72, and Samuel L. Jackson, 61, who make one movie after another. And you can be sure that Laurence Fishburne, Don Cheadle, Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker will continue to work nonstop.

Not fair.

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