Man With Gun Arrested At Airport During President’s Departure

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    Joseph McVey, 23, an Ohio resident, was arrested yesterday in a North Carolina airport immediately following President Barack Obama’s departure, according to the UK’s Telegraph website.

    Based on an airport police report, McVey prompted suspicion when he exited his vehicle at an airport car rental parking lot and police noticed him carrying a firearm. He was apprehended and taken to the county jail and charged with “going armed in terror of the public,” which is a misdemeanor.


    President Obama, who was on his way to a memorial service for the 29 coal miners killed in a explosion in West Virginia, departed the tightly secured airport in Air Force One approximately one minute before McVey arrived.


    At the time of the incident, McVey was not in the vicinity of the president’s plane but in a public area.


    Police also noted that McVey had police flashing lights mounted on top of his vehicle and a siren, antennas and police scanners inside the car. According to officials, he has a license to carry a firearm but he is not a police official.

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