General Motors has partnered with Google to provide a mobile application available with the Chevy Volt that will enable a person to locate the vehicle in a parking lot via their cell phone.

Can’t count how many times that little gadgetry would come in handy, huh?

The technology, which is expected to be available after the Volt launches later this year, follows the announcement made in January at the Consumer Electronics Association trade show in Las Vegas about the smartphone app that will allow Volt owners 24/7 connection and control of vehicle functions and OnStar features remotely.

The OnStar Mobile Application allows drivers to communicate with their Volt from Droid by Motorola, Apple iPhone and Blackberry Storm smartphones. It uses a real-time data connection to perform tasks from setting the charge time to unlocking the doors.

The Chevrolet Volt OnStar smartphone application is designed to enhance the overall Volt ownership experience with interaction and control never offered before on any electric vehicle.

The application will include a number of functions like displaying charge status – plugged in or not, and voltage (120V or 240V);  providing the flexibility to “Charge Now” or schedule charge timing;  sends text or email notifications for charge reminders, interruptions and full; and remotely start the vehicle to pre-condition the interior temperature.

“The Chevrolet Volt ushers in a new era of automotive technology and calls for a new level of connectivity and control,” said Walt Dorfstatter, president, OnStar.

OnStar’s real-time data connection also helps drivers maximize the environmental benefits of owning a Volt, even when not in the vehicle. The application’s intuitive Charge Status feature simplifies setting the charge time.

Traditional OnStar features such as door lock, unlock and remote horn and lights – which have typically been accessible only through a call into the OnStar call center – will also now be available via the application.

Volt’s OnStar mobile application will also be available on a mobile browser for other internet-capable phones. Volt drivers can also view and manage vehicle systems and commands from the vehicle, the internet or through a monthly OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics e-mail.

Volt owners can opt-in to receive a monthly OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics e-mail report with diagnostics on the unique characteristics of an electric vehicle with extended range, as well as the maintenance information current OnStar subscribers receive.


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