People tell me all the time that my memory amazes them. I have a head full of facts, statistics, songs, etc. I can recall, in great detail, people, events and conversations going way back, plus there are always new things to pick up on.

With that in mind, this week we’re bringing back — or in some cases introducing — information from all directions.

MARVIN GAYE and SMOKEY ROBINSON both made acting debuts in the 1970s. Gaye appeared in a B-movie titled “Chrome and Hot Leather.” That was in 1971. Robinson was in an episode of the TV series “Police Story” that aired in 1974.

The very talented actress PHYLICIA RASHÃD was, from 1978 to 1982, married to VICTOR WILLIS, original lead singer of the Village People. She was Phylicia Ayers-Allen when they tied the knot.

Sadly, many years later, when his ex-wife was a superstar — thanks to “The Cosby Show” — Willis fell on hard times (much of it caused by heavy drug use) and sold items that had belonged to Rashãd.

Now that’s tacky!

SIMONE, daughter of the legendary and eclectic NINA SIMONE, is making quite a name for herself — without ever attempting to imitate her famous mother. Simone’s father is Andy Stroud, the late star’s second husband who worked on and off as her manager.

Simone has been featured on Broadway in two hit productions, “Rent” and “Aida.” Also, she has an album by way of which she pays homage to her mother titled “Simone On Simone.” To learn more about this interesting lady, go to http://www.simonesworld.com or YouTube.

MARY J. BLIGE is very excited about portraying Nina Simone on the big screen. She said, “I’m going to really try to figure out how to bring Nina back to life, like Jamie Foxx did with “Ray.’ I’m not just going to take advantage of being the artist they (Paramount Pictures) picked. I know I’ve really got to nail this part.”

A former member of MILES DAVIS’ band says that on one occasion, a woman had for some reason infuriated Davis, who was known for frequently not practicing “temper control.” According to the band member — who is from Detroit — Davis knocked the woman out, then put her in an elevator and pushed the down button.

That, of course, was disgraceful. But Davis could have had his judgment clouded by drugs.

At one point DAVID RUFFIN wanted the Temptations’ name changed to David Ruffin & the Temptations, in the tradition of the Miracles being renamed Smokey Robinson & the Miracles and the Supremes being reintroduced as Diana Ross & the Supremes.

The group said no to Ruffin in the clearest possible language.

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