Bread Company Fined For Baked Mouse

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    Last week, Premier Foods, a British-based company food manufacture was ordered to pay $26,412.38 in fines and court fees as a result of a mouse being found in a loaf of Hovis bread, a brand affiliate.

    Last year in July, Stephen Forse of Oxfordshire was making sandwiches for his children from a loaf of bread he ordered online when he saw “a dark-coloured objected embedded in the corner of three or four slices,” according to BBC News.

    After further inspection, he realized the object had fur and immediately contacted Cherwell District Council and environmental health officers who came to Forse’s home.

    Health officials confirmed that the object was a mouse and that the tail was missing.

    Forse commented that he felt ill from the discovery and was concerned whether the tail had fallen off or if his family ate it the day before.

    The bread was taken by officials as evidence.

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