We support a congressperson who knows how to get the job done. Nothing less and nothing more and the political waiting game shown during the unprecedented historic campaign speaks a lot about the courage to take positions no matter how unpopular they were at the time.

Political expediency should not be the benchmark for how our representatives do business.

Though Hansen Clarke has never been elected to Congress, he served before as chief of staff to Congressman John Con­yers Jr., which explains his familiarity with the inner workings of Congress.

While in the legislature, Clarke championed for improved public education, led the fight to save home values and to stop foreclosures, and wrote legislation to cut the costs of home, auto and business insurance. He is Democratic vice chair of two committees — Health Policy, Commerce and Tourism – and he also serves on the Judiciary, Banking and Financial Institutions, Government Operations and Reform; Energy Policy, and Public Utilities committees.

Yes we gave deep thought to  Clarke’s status as a newcomer should he be elected; some would label him a “risky” choice because he would not have the seniority that his opponent enjoyed in the House.

If Clarke is indeed a risky choice, we submit to them that taking a risk has been the hallmark of our struggle for political, social and economic empowerment. Those who dared to pave the way for us to enjoy the freedoms we have today fought for needed change by taking  risks and in demonstrating in the words of Obama, “the audacity of hope.”

Clarke is very passionate about fighting on behalf of ordinary people. His story is an improbable one, the son of an immigrant from Bangladesh and an African American from Detroit, Clarke fought his way to the top even as his parents were no longer alive to see their son‘s ascension. Since he began serving in the Michigan legislature, Clarke has maintained the bedrock of his platform — fight against special interests and maintain the will of the people.

This is the time for Congressman Hansen Clarke. We believe as the nation looks forward to a new breed of elected representatives, it is time for Detroit to have an effective new face in Congress.

The Obama age has ushered in an era of a new vision, ideas and programs as evidenced in the elections since then, as well as the legislations that the president is pushing.

People want new blood because the old blood has not succeeded in transforming the lives of ordinary people. Now with the new faces heading to Congress we can hope to move toward a more perfect union.

We recommend to the 13th Congressional District voters that sending Hansen Clarke to Washington will help Detroit and the region.

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