Bishop Corletta VaughnThe event was billed as “DETROIT 11.11.11. A Solemn Assembly, where thousands will gather to fast and pray—daring to believe America could turn back to God.” So who wouldn’t come? Who wouldn’t want America to turn back to the God of the Bible? Who could mis-understand the message even if you didn’t agree with the method? Doesn’t everybody in the Kingdom of God know that these are prophetic times and that radical means of evangelism must be engaged in order to bring in the Global Harvest?

WELL, not everybody “got it” about this event, and because of some confusion, others who got it, simply put it off as bias, narrow and insignificant. Sad, but so true of the religious climate in Detroit; we don’t get it. And so, thousands of believers of Jesus Christ missed what I believe was an epic event of a lifetime! More than 25,000 Christians gathered at Ford Field this past Friday, November 11th for 24 hours of continual prayer, repentance, worship, and prophecy in a backdrop of fasting with only liquids being consumed. This event was not about the spokesperson, Lou Engle, neither was it against Muslims, Catholics or any person of race or ethnicity, nope; it was about uniting believers across racial barriers, religious distinctions, and gender biases to PRAY… just PRAY. Repent, Fast, Pray.

Here’s what was thought to be the focus: MUSLIMS- WRONG! The emphasis was ISLAM- a religion whose doctrine conflicts with our Biblical worldviews, tenants and practices. TheCALL was said to be against the Black Church Leaders- WRONG! Efforts were made to be inclusive, however this is an area that can be looked at more seriously, but it was not the intent or practice of organizers to omit, overlook, or to offend any group of evangelical Christian Leadership. Finally, TheCALL was said to be negative towards WOMEN- WRONG! ABORTION in our country and the slaughter of babies, YES this is what was addressed. Very strong are the convictions against abortion within this operation, but not offensively or belittling to women, but to the choice of ending innocent life. To pray for repentance for the Mother and the child is what they are pushing and laying it before the Lord, this was SO powerful and compelling.

Many leading Pastors were on present all 24 hours, some came and went and came back, and many were absent, but the star of the event was Jesus the Christ and He was exalted and honored with such power and awe, that you couldn’t help but to hear Him, and feel His beautiful presence throughout Ford Field. Repentance for the racial divide in the wee hours of the morning, a Muslim terrorist who got up at 4:30 AM to pledge his allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ, the cry for forgiveness for the shedding of innocent blood and the thousands of youth present with uplifted hands weeping and repenting for defiance, rebellion and making a deeper commitment to Christ; the sights, the sounds of heaven were all around.

Ford Field will NEVER be the same! Detroit City will NEVER be the same! The music all night the voices, musicians, tears, prophecies all point to the fact that God has Detroit on His mind. Who will answer? Those, that in fact want to see Revival and those that hear in the Spirit what He is saying to the Church; those that want to see murders cease, churches filled again, drug usage abandoned, economic health restored, communities rebuilt and HOPE given to our children again for a bright future in education and employment.

Who will answer TheCALL? Believers in Christ, across all racial and denominational lines in the state of Michigan who truly believe in miracles and truly believe that God is healing Detroit through old fashion fasting and prayer, unity and faith.

That’s me and I hope that’s YOU.

Bishop Corletta Vaughn is the Senior Pastor of Holy Ghost Cathedral; 1745 E. Grand Blvd. Detroit Mi 48211 To contact email or call 313-207-0270.

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