Why malign Pete Hoekstra?

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    Stacy Swimp_B4_Feb_15_webThe national backlash by liberals against U.S. Senatorial Candidate Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), charging his “ad” with being ‘racist”  is as anti-intellectual as any claim that I have ever seen from the left. The ad in no way implies that there are “inherent” intellectual differences among any ethnic group, nor does it imply an individual achievement on the behalf of someone white that suggests that Whites are superior to Chinese. The ad also does not promote any manner of intolerance. 

    The content of the ad was strictly economic in nature and targeted the fact that the US national debt is owned predominantly by Asian economies. China leads the major foreign holders of treasury securities.  One can and should debate whether Hoekstra is any way culpable for that debt, in light of his own record as a Congressman, if that is their opinion. That is a legitimate debate, based upon public policy and public record. However, to accuse Mr. Hoekstra of racism and try to diminish the facts he presented in satire is anti-intellectual and reckless. 

    Is it “racist” for whites to use nonwhites in satire skits now? For Blacks to use non-Blacks to role play in the same manner? The malicious attacks of racism against Mr. Hoekstra’s satirical ad is an attempt by liberals to impugn his character and distract from truth.  

    One liberal I spoke with accused the ad of being stereotypical, due to a bicycle the actress was riding: “The actress riding a bike? Not stereotypical? This ad is the mere definition thereof my friend! It is well known that the Chinese rode bikes in droves and many do till this very day. To run this ad as an American is an affront to all Asians who live in this country.”

    My questions to those who are haste to toss the word “racist’ around are: What does “race” mean to you? How do you define racism? Where did you get your definition from? 

    The moral here is very simple:  If you are looking for a fault, it is easy to find it, even if it is not there. If you are looking for hatred and bigotry, it is easy to perceive it as such, even if it does not apply. Finally, if you are liberal and you assume that every conservative is racist, solely on the basis of disagreeing with your perspectives, there is nothing a conservative can say or do that you will not falsely label as racist. It is much easier to use false labels to dispel truth than to actually face the truth. 

    Editor’s Note: Stacy Swimp is a national conservative commentator. 


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