Detroit Clergy join together to fight crime in the City of Detroit

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    Members of the Detroit Police Department, clergymen from across Detroit, and students and organizers of the Youth Voice organization at the “Detroit Night Walks” press conference.

    The conference was held to announce the new law enforcement initiative called “Detroit Night Walks”, a part of a large nation campaign called “Cease Fire” to make the streets of Detroit safer. 

     “We are implementing Cease Fire in Detroit, which includes prevention, intervention and enforcement,” said US Attorney Barbara McQuade.

    The new initiative is a partnership between community leaders and police officers where members of the community take a more active role in keeping their communities safe.

    “We are sending a spiritual message and hopefully opening up the lines of communication in the neighborhood,” said Bishop Edgar L. Vann II.

    The “Detroit Night Walks” initiative is based off a similar initiative in place in Boston that has worked to keep their streets safer.

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