The minute I tell somebody that I write about automobiles, it usually takes less than a few seconds for them to ask, “What’s your favorite car?”

My standard response is typically, “It depends on the segment” and by most accounts, that’s true. Considering how competitive the market is you can find a really nice vehicle in just about every segment now whether shopping for an affordable compact car or a premium luxury SUV.

Truth is, however, if I were to happen to, say, hit the lottery for a few hundred million, land a three picture movie deal to play a superhero or stumble on an NFL team looking to sign a former college player well over his playing years, there are a few vehicles I’d like to have in my personal collection.

Okay, all three of the scenarios I’ve noted are pretty unlikely, more like impossible, but I did say “dream list.” And if you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big right?


Now, with that in mind, my top pick if my residence was say somewhere like the hills of Calabasas, California, (home to celebs the likes of Will Smith and Britney Spears), would be a Bentley Continental GT Speed (abt $214,000).

Ever since I first test drove the Bentley GT after it was launched in 2003, I’ve felt that for high-end luxury there isn’t a nicer “big body” coupé on the market, a segment which I tend to be drawn to. The new 2013 GT Speed, Bentley’s fastest car ever, features a W12 engine has a peak power of 616 horsepower with a 0 – 60 mph time of 4.0 seconds. Top speed in the new model, unveiled last month, is a breathtaking 205 miles per hour.

Of course, every dream fleet needs a bona fide “supercar.” And while I’m more inclined to think of them as rides reserved for adrenaline rushes in deserted places or track days, there is something very cool about a “supercar” that can double as a nice ride for an evening drive into Hollywood to meet friends for sushi.

For me, no “supercar” better encompasses that than the 562-horsepower Ferrari 458 Spider (abt $257,000) with a 0 to 62 mph time of just under 3.4 seconds – just in case I find myself running late for dinner.


Although I’m not married (YET), there are a couple of vehicles I’d add to my fleet for my wife starting with a Range Rover (abt $80,000) for her and the kids (to come). Sure, for most, the Range Rover is more of a status symbol than anything. Still, you can’t deny its appeal especially in markets like California where the SUV tends to be the vehicle of choice for moms who refuse to let motherhood cramp their style.

That said, I’d also try to convince my “Mrs. A” to let me buy her a new BMW M3 (abt $60,000) when that next big signing bonus check came in. I’ve always had a thing for seeing a woman driving a 3 Series so it only makes sense that I’d buy the special woman in my life one.

Thoughtful of me right?

Of course, the idea of me forking out the extra $20,000 or so more for the 400-plus horsepower “M” Series model makes more sense in case I want to drive it.

For my personal ride to transport the kids, I’d opt for something a bit of a departure from the typical “daddy day care hauler” like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class E63 AMG Wagon (abt $94,000). The idea of driving a 500-plus horsepower car through the hills to go pick up the little ones from school is a lot more appealing than making that hike in a SUV.


For the family’s luxury New York City condo (surely you didn’t think I’d limit my dreams to California), I’d keep a Chevrolet Volt (abt $40,000) on hand for times when I wouldn’t want to bother my driver with having to pull out our Audi A8 (abt $79,000) for a weekend getaway to our Hamptons estate. I think owning a Volt would really add to the experience of urban living especially with all the new in-car technology General Motors is exploring such as wireless pedestrian detection (nice feature) − and I have long been a fan of the cache that comes with stepping out of an A8.

My American collectibles would be a black 1967 Pontiac GTO (abt $40,000), a Shelby GT500 Super Snake 50th Anniversary edition (abt $60,000) − and the 2009 Jeep Wrangler that I currently own, stemming from the deep connection I now have with the vehicle after driving it cross country from Detroit to Los Angeles.

To tow my Ferrari to the track or my GTO from California to the Woodward Dream Cruise (always dream of doing that), I’d probably buy a Ram heavy duty truck (abt $45,000). Considering my boat would be a yacht, towing it wouldn’t be an issue (remember, dream big). I’d just need to figure out whether I’d want to dock it in Malibu or Key West.

All that said, aside from the Pontiac GTO and my current Jeep, my dream list could change if it takes more than two years to land that movie role or another two or more seasons to beat out Michael Vick for the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting quarterback position.

But for now, that’s my dream list.

Marcus Amick is a national automotive writer and lifestyle consultant. He can be contacted at

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