Introducing Chronicle Digital Daily

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    For the past 76 years, the Michigan Chronicle’s continued mission has been to provide the best in news and information to meet the community’s needs. Our unwavering commitment to be “thought leaders” is what drives us to create fresh and exiting ways to engage you.

    To that end, I am pleased to introduce the Michigan Chronicle Digital Daily, our daily e-newsletter that keeps the news and information you’re most interested in, summarized and at your fingertips. Delivered every afternoon, we will aggregate what’s hot and trending in politics, business, sports, technology and entertainment at the local and national level from a variety of sources.

    The news and information cycle today is moving at blinding speed. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Cable TV, radio, and national and local print sources are pouring information on you at an overwhelming rate.

    If you blink, you’ll miss it.

    We at the Michigan Chronicle aren’t blinking. In fact, we’ve got our eyes and ears everywhere, particularly locally here in Michigan, to keep a custom pulse on what matters to you and to deliver it where you live, work, and play…every day.

    Last week we launched The Michigan Chronicle Digital Daily is the next digital leap in a list of upcoming products that we plan to offer you to meet your news and media needs. Of course, we will continue to provide our award-winning weekly newspaper as we have for over 76 years.

    We are thrilled with the direction that the Michigan Chronicle and our other brands at Real Times Media are headed in, in this new media age. We invite you to experience the journey with us by visiting to sign up today for the Michigan Chronicle Digital Daily.


    Hiram Jackson

    Interim Publisher

    The Michigan Chronicle

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