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CHARLOTTE- NC- In Charlotte, the political climate is telling. Democrats want to send a strong message that they have the best candidate in President Barack Obama.

From across the country men and women, young and old are gathered in this crucial southern state to not only reaffirm the Democratic agenda as the party of the big tent but to ask voters to give Obama a second term.

And for Detroit, the only city in Michigan that votes 90 percent Democrat and the seat of the auto industry, the stakes are even higher.

“I think its great to talk about how Detroit was saved. But we want Obama take a fly over and look at how devastated the city is,” said Detroiter Ron Scott. ” I need to hear more about mass incarceration. It is not enough to mention that we have Blacks in the Democratic Party. I’ve heard pundits talk about African Americans like they are an issue. We are not an issue. Our survival is at issue.”

Scott said he wants to hear more about how President Obama plants to address core urban issues that are affecting Black cities across the nation.

“The dismantling of public education around the nation threatens our education system,” Scott said. “Those are my concerns. All of that having said I’ll support Obama over Romney. We have to go beyond platforms and transform the way people live.”

One of the delegates from Detroit Jesse James Hooper also echoed Scott’s sentiments saying
“I want Obama to declare a state of emergency in Detroit and fly over and help us figure out how to address issues that are hurting our people. We need a works program for Detroit.”

Southfield Mayor Lawrence who is also a delegate said the fact that President Obama stood for the auto industry is testament to the importance of Detroit and Michigan in this crucial election.

“As you can hear it during the speeches last night the fact that our president stood up for the auto industry shows that Obama needs us because we can validate him,” Lawrence said. “For michigan we are extremely important for him to get his message out. Last night was great. We do take pride in the fact that we work and accomplish things and reach back and help others. And we are not going to apologize for that. Michelle Obama clearly showed she and President Obama are a phenomenal team.”

The convention in its second night today will be keynoted by former President Bill Clinton.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s keynote address last night brought delegates on the convention floor to their knees in jubilation.

Lawrence said of the First Lady’s performance. ” Everybody in the world now knows she validated our president. I would say mission accomplish for that.”

Bankole Thompson is the Senior Editor of the Michigan Chronicle. He is a Senior Author-in-Residence at Global Mark Makers Publishing House in Iowa where he is writing a groundbreaking six-part book series on the Obama presidency. His book “Obama and Black Loyalty” published in 2010 follows his recent book “Obama and Christian Loyalty” with a foreword by Bob Weiner former White House spokesman. His forthcoming books in 2012 are “Obama and Jewish Loyalty” and “Obama and Business Loyalty.” He is the first editor of a major African American newspaper to have a series of sit-down interviews with Barack Obama. Thompson is also a Senior Political News Analyst at WDET-101.9FM Detroit (NPR Affiliate) and a member of the weekly “Obama Watch” Sunday evening round table on WLIB-1190AM New York and simulcast in New Jersey and Connecticut.

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