Verbatim: Top Quotes On Belle Isle Deal, Kilpatrick Trial

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    It’s Friday, time to reflect, (and laugh) at the weeks events. This week’s biggest events in news had people saying some, ironic, informative and downright funny things. In case you missed it, here are some tasty nuggets of what people were saying this week at the Kilparick Trial, and at the Detroit city council’s first public hearing on the Belle Isle proposed lease to the State.

    KILPATRICK TRIAL QUOTES: Mike Fountain, police officer who dealt defendant Bobby Ferguson trash tickets in 2001: “I felt threatened. Not just for myself but it’s weird when your family is involved.”

    Mahlon Clift, collage pal of Kwame Kilpatrick’s who put $90,000 in cash down his pants to get on a plane: “I felt the bulge, but it wasn’t visible” Mahlon Clift while testifying against Kwame Kilpatrick “He’s a friend, someone that I love.”

    Mahlon Clift on whether or not he thought the $90,000 cash delivery was a secret: “If they’re using me, they probably don’t want anyone to know.”

    Clift on recieveing $90,000 in cash stacks from Bobby Ferguson: “I didn’t ask why he was asking me to hold $90,000.”

    Clift on what he did with the cash to get it to Chicago by plane: “I put the stacks in the pockets on my gym shorts.”

    Mike Rataj, Bobby Ferguson’s defense attorney: “That’s a lot of dough to stick down our pants.”

    Clift on what he did with the 9 stacks of $10,000 once he got home to Chicago: “I probably stuck it in a vacuum cleaner, or something like that.”

    Rataj on Clift’s testimony of the cash delivery: “This all seems so weird to me.”

    THE BELLE ISLE HEARING: Eight city council members asked state and city officials to elaborate on Belle Isle Lease. In doing so, the conversation got interesting with sassy comments, as well as informative ones. Here goes:

    Charles Pugh, City Council President: “Belle Isle is not going to sink into the Detroit River if we do not approve this lease.”

    George Jackson, President of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation: “The commitment was to manage Belle Isle to state park standard. That’s a very high standard and certainly one that we [Detroit] can’t afford.”

    George Jackson: “We can terminate the lease for cause if the state is not meeting those standards. Not in 30 years, not in two years, but immediately.”

    Rodney Stokes, advisor to Gov. Rick Snyder on urban affairs: “We recommend picnic shelter rentals be made online or maybe a 1-800 reservation system.”

    Keith Creagh, director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources on why he didn’t have dollar amounts to commit to Belle Isle: “DNR does parks and we do it well. I’m a DNR guy, not a finance guy.”

    Rodney Stokes on Belle Isle Lease Documents that took 9 days for city officials to receive: “I apologize for not getting these to you in a timely fashion. I take full responsibility for that. I was out of town.”

    Ken Cockrel, Jr, City Council Member: “We’re shifting the focus from bigger economic issues in the city to Belle Isle.”

    Andre Spivey, City Council member: “I have a challenge with doing things after the lease is signed. To me it’s like I’m buying a car and signing the lease without knowing the payment.”

    Gary Brown, City Council member: “My concern is that there is not a dollar amount tied to the lease. I’m not a finance guy either, but I know that there has to be some financial commitment from the State.”

    Saunteel Jenkins, City Council Member on her issues with the lease: “The lease says the state ‘Intends’ to hold Belle Isle to state park standards, not that it ‘will.’”

    Saunteel Jenkins: If you can’t give an exact amount, a least give a list of improvements you will make.” Kirk Lewis, deputy mayor: “I’m not aware of any other plans [for Belle Isle]. We felt the state park was the best way to get resources to the island.”

    Brenda Jones, City council member: “Why is the City paying to remove equipment that the State does not want?”

    JoAnn Watson, City Council Member: “This lease is an insult to the city of Detroit. It is an offense to talk about giving something away because you say we can’t keep it clean.”

    Rodney Stokes: “There is no mechanism in place for a daily entry fee [to the island]. You would have to go to the DMV for a state park passport.”

    Ken Cockrel: If I buy a car, I want to test drive it. I want to kick the tires. Not, ‘We’ll show it to you later and e-mail you a picture.’ That’s not the way you do business.”

    Sauntel Jenkins on the fact that after 30 years the Belle Isle lease can only be terminated “for cause”: “For all practical purposes, this is a 90-year lease. In 30 years we can only terminate it ‘for cause.’”

    Chuck Smith, president of MSU Black Alumni Association and Detroit resident who attended the meeting: “Anyone with commons sense can see this is a punk deal. If we’re not talking money, then what are we talking about?”


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