Joe Smith is a recognizable name to most in the music industry and although being gifted and well know musically, Smith remains a humble servant to his calling.  Smith began playing piano at a young age from a hand-down piano that his sister lost interest in. “I remember when I was little always banging on the piano, so I asked my mom to start me in piano lessons” Smith continued. “Some kids are into Sports, I was into piano and as I practiced, people around me continued to encourage me, it just stuck with me”.

Smith will admit that music may have been apart of his DNA already. “Even when I was little, I would sit with my little record player and listen to the Jackson 5 records and read the back of the album cover with all the credits. I didn’t know what a producer or a songwriter was, but I was intrigued by it,” said Smith.

The same intrigue has progressed Smith’s career as a music director and music producer working with major artist as Dorinda Clark Cole, Kiki Sheard, J Moss, Fred Hammond and the soundtrack to ‘Deep Blue Sea’ the movie, just to name a few.

A musician by trade, but an entrepreneur by heart. “I’ve always been interested in how things become. How and why business start.” Smith continued. “ I am passionate about so many things, like my jean line. Gray Jean, a premium jean line for curvy and tall women.  It is a tribute to my birth mom that passed. A way for me to pay homage to her, that regardless of whatever mistakes she made in life, she got me here.” said Smith.

This Saturday, November 3, 2012, Joe Smith and his entertainment company Soul Food Entertainment, will make another passionate dream come true, with the debut of his dramatic stage play Diamond Girls.

“Diamond Girls was inspired by a lot of different things. First, my birth mother was killed when I was six years old. She was 23 years old and was into dating street guys, she got caught up in a situation and it cost her life” Smith continued.  “As I got older and started dating, I heard all these stories that some girls would tell, about things that they had experience dating street guys, and I started to hear a commonality in the stories.“

Smith has a gift to tell these stories and a passion to make them heard. “When you hear about street stories either in plays or in movie, it’s from the guys perspective. Scarface, New Jack City and stories like the Mack are about the guys. You never really get in-depth of stories of the women that are with this guys, from their point of view.” Now you can.

For more information on, ‘Diamond Girls’ The Stage Play, please visit or call (313) 433-3900.

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