The choice in this presidential election is clear. There is a candidate who wants to repeat past George W. Bush policies that helped sink the economy, and the other candidate who wants to continue to lift us up from the economic doldrums that rendered many in this economy cash-strapped and hopeless.

The three debates between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney showed the contrast between the two men.

We believe that President Obama needs another term to continue policies that will help the middle class, make getting insurance possible for millions of uninsured citizens and stabilize home­owners and small businesses.

Gov. Romney has been evasive about his policies and has not explained how he is going to govern or how he will deal with the debt crisis and the state of the economy.

It is hard to trust someone who is asking for a vote before he explains his mandate.

GM and Chrysler are thriving today thanks to the Obama administration.

We urge voters to give Barack Obama another term to complete his unfinished business.

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