MSNBC host Rachel Maddow this evening exposed what has been truly at the core of the GOP leadership: ignoring how this nation is quickly changing and blatantly proceeding to appoint all white males as heads of Congressional committees starting next year. No women or people of color won’t be heading not even a committee under the GOP leadership in the House of Representatives in 2013.

“This is what you can clip and save for the next time someone in the beltway tells you how seriously the Republican party is taking its diversity problem this year,” is how Maddow describes the image of all GOP white males as head of Congressional committees.

Is House Speaker John Boehner that blind or blatantly dismissing the rapidly changing racial demographics that have shifted the pendulum as revealed in the Nov. 6 election?

What message is the Republican Party leadership sending to Republican women when the Speaker appoints all white males to head Congressional committees in the wake of an election that showed the formidable power of minorities?

What message is the Republican Party sending to people of color with these appointments? Yet they are talking about reaching out to break the Democratic Party’s grip on the interest of women and people of color.

For the GOP to make any meaningful headway with the rising new racial majority, the party will have to conduct a surgical operation to ensure that the traditions of the past that held women and people of color back in the GOP are eradicated.

And to begin that journey of self-introspection it must first start with Speaker Boehner for his appointment of all white males to head Congressional Committees.

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