Gov. Snyder to Ban Abortion, Birther Inspired Bill Targets Muslims

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    It is hard to imagine how Michigan is quickly descending into a real right wing state under Governor Rick Snyder, the man who once touted himself as a moderate. The man who said repeatedly to the media that he wasn’t interested in divisive politics. A package of anti-abortion bills that Synder has agreed to sign will totally ban the use of all insurance coverage for abortion in Michigan except when a woman’s life is in real danger. And who determines when a woman’s life is in real danger?

    So even in cases of rape and incest, your life has to be in real danger before you can carry out an abortion. Also another bill allows doctors to exercise their religious beliefs meaning they can’t be forced to carry out abortion if it goes against their religious convictions, and of course your employer won’t cover it anyway.

    Hard to believe the right wing agenda alongside the anti-women stance that are being rolled out before Christmas. This is a major contradiction for a governor who told us that he would stay out of divisive politics and the culture wars. What happened to Governor Snyder?

    Michigan now will join a litany of other states that would make life extremely difficult for women. Michigan is now entering the arena to decide how women take care of themselves. I thought the Nov. 6 election sent a clear message that women’s right to choose should be left alone? Didn’t they read the election results?

    What is so contradictory is that earlier Gov. Snyder signed and applauded a telemedicine law that would make it easier to deliver health services through technology. But under the new abortion laws that Snyder has said he will sign, telemedicine is banned when it comes to abortion. Plus new strings of regulations and red tape standards contained in the anti-abortion bills will eventually shut down all abortion clinics in Michigan.

    Another legislation making its way in the House is an anti-Sharia law, targeting the state’s Muslim population to ” ban foreign laws that would impair constitutional rights.” What is troubling is that the bill’s sponsor Rep Dave Agema has suggested before that he believes that President Obama is a Muslim. This racist and anti-ethnic law clearly shows that the right wing agenda in Lansing is stuffed with birther sentiments against Obama.

    Why push an anti-Sharia law when we already have a secular constitution? There is no Sharia law in Michigan. The bill is designed to really take a shot at the Muslim population in Michigan at a time when many groups are working for inter-religious and inter-cultural understanding among the state’s diverse communities. The bill also sends a message to the White House that there are still right wingers in Lansing who don’t believe in the legitimacy of the first African American president? And they are determined to send that message even after his reelection.

    It is no secret that President Obama’s reelection victory is part of the major trigger for the onslaught of right wing agenda unraveling in Lansing now. The hatred for the president and the deliberate attack to cripple labor with the right-to-work law is driving the extremist energy in Lansing.

    During his campaign for governor, Snyder, avoided debate around issues he considers divisive including right-to-work and abortion. Now the governor is presiding over these divisive laws almost sending a Christmas Scrooge message to those who belong to the other party as well as independents. Where is the bipartisanship that Gov. Snyder has been touting all along?

    The fact that all these divisive laws have not been debated in the public square shows the anti-democratic attitude that is being displayed in Lansing. It shows the blatant lack for and disregard for the voices of people whose lives will be impacted by these laws. To so blatanly come after women, and to so openly work into a bill almost a government sanctioned discrimination of minority groups of other faiths by pushing an anti-Muslim law (even though there is no Sharia law in Michigan) by a lawmaker who questioned the legitimacy of the first black president is nothing but divisive with racist undertones all over. How can Snyder in good faith sign up to all of these?

    This is the new Michigan we are entering into beginning in 2013.


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