Random Musings: Best wishes for a complete recovery to Peter David

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         In late December, Peter David (known as “PAD” from his initials), self-described “writer of stuff”, whose body of work includes a weekly column in Comic’s Buyer’s Guide; scripts; a book on writing for comics; and dozens of novels and comic book series, suffered a stroke while in Florida. His wife reports on his website, www.peterdavid.net, that he’s doing better every day— including the very good news that he walked yesterday— but he’s probably got a long road ahead of him. My best wishes for his complete recovery.

         For those who enjoy his work, the website also offers information on how people can help at www.peterdavid.net/2013/01/04/here-is-how-you-can-help-peter/ , including a link to an imprint he co-owns, Crazy8press.com.

         Much of David’s work is laced with humor, as in the case of one Star Trek novel he wrote in the 80s. Scotty is shown a device described as “an illudium Pew-36 Explosive Space Modulator.” A reference to the Warner Bros. cartoons involving Marvin the Martian and Bugs Bunny.

         Myself, I consider his decade-plus run on Marvel’s Incredible Hulk to be the definitive take on the character (most of his run has been collected in a series of trade paperbacks titled Hulk Visionaries: Peter David). Other comics of note include Supergirl for DC Comics and Fallen Angel for DC and IDW.

         And when I read CBG, I turn to his column first.

         Get well soon, PAD.

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