New Year, New YOU!

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    For many of us, 2012 was filled with highs and lows, ups and downs…but in spite of it
    all, youʼre still here! This is the time when everybody makes resolutions and promises to
    themselves, of what they will or wonʼt do. However by February or March, itʼs back to
    the same old way of doing things.

    A new year with the same old mindset means the same old you. A new year, should
    birth a new mentality that brings about new opportunities in 2013. This is the time to
    take inventory and make changes. We have to realize that things wonʼt just change in
    our lives because the calendar changes. We must take responsibility for our lives, work
    to rid ourselves of bad habits, and become a better quality person.

    Here are 13 action steps, to put you on the path of purpose in 2013. Letʼs walk it out!

    1. Develop a stronger relationship with God.

    This is the main factor in dictating how your 2013 will start and end. God wants to do a
    new thing in 2013, but you have to trust Him and follow His Word. This is the year that
    God is working through you and not just for you. If you partner with Him, the blessings
    and benefits are far greater than what you can imagine. This is your time to
    breakthrough and break out!

    2. Change your mindset.

    A new you in a new year is only a result of a new mindset. Start thinking differently and
    things will work out differently. Stop worrying, especially about things that are out of your
    control. Free your mind from negative thinking and begin to think positive in every
    situation. A changed year doesnʼt mean anything, if you have the same old mindset.
    What youʼre thinking ultimately affects where youʼre going.

    3. Let go of the past.

    You won’t live your best life until you let go of anger, bitterness, and strife. You canʼt
    change the past, so why are your presently living in it? You have to let it go, in order to
    grow. Donʼt beat yourself up over something you canʼt change. Itʼs over…get up and
    move your life forward.

    4. Grow and get better everyday.

    In order to grow and get better you have to continually work to do it. There is no growth
    without self-reflection and personal analysis. Self-development is key to your growth. In
    this world of distractions itʼs important to take time to read, meditate, analyze your
    goals, and think. Growth brings with it growing pains, because change is uncomfortable.
    Sometimes it hurts to break away from bad habits and things you like to do, but know
    they arenʼt any good for you. Itʼs either the pain of discipline or than the pain of
    consequence…your choice.

    5. Maximize your purpose.

    Live with purpose, live on purpose, and live for a purpose. If youʼre living without
    purpose, youʼre just existing. You have a unique purpose that God placed inside of you,
    what are you doing with it? Discover your gifts and talents and find out what youʼre good
    at doing. The reason you are here is because youʼre unique, distinct, special, and there
    is a purpose for your life. Donʼt let anybody demonize or minimize the gift that God has
    placed inside of you to bless the world.

    6. Develop your gifts and talents.

    You are blessed with gifts and talents, but the tragedy is when you never use what
    youʼve been given. You are a red box and gold bow…youʼre a gift to the world. You must
    take personal inventory of your life and work your gift. How long will you procrastinate
    on your purpose? Itʼs time to write the book, open the business, and develop your skill
    set. No one is going to hand you anything, you have to work to attain what you desire.
    Work your gifts!

    7. Surround yourself with people who motivate you to be better.

    If people that youʼre connected to arenʼt ADDING to your life, itʼs time to SUBTRACT
    them from your life. Get away from people who drain you of your time, energy and
    patience. There are some people in your life that you must bless and release. A better
    you begins with surrounding yourself with a better crew of people. Get away from the
    dream killers and people who only keep you in a place of negativity. Who youʼre
    connected to, determines what youʼre directed to…disconnect yourself from negative
    people and get connected to people who challenge you to be a better you.

    8. Your health is your wealth.

    You canʼt be good to anybody else until youʼre good to yourself. Your health is as
    important as your relationships, goals, purpose, and dreams. Take better care of
    yourself by developing an exercise regimen, getting proper rest, and eating nutritious
    meals. Many of the diseases that people die from are stress and poor nutrition/exercise
    related. You canʼt fully enjoy life, if your health is not a priority. Take time to take care of

    9. Be a Goal-getter.

    If you write out your goals you have a better chance of accomplishing them, because itʼs
    a constant reminder to work towards a vision. GOals help you to go and propel yourself
    forward, without them you lack direction. Goals are meaningless without a plan of
    action. People donʼt plan to fail, they just fail to plan. Every single day you must wake up
    and do things that push you closer to your goals…it all begins with your mindset.

    10. Love and appreciate who you are.

    Too many times we focus on our weaknesses and become so self-critical, that we
    ignore the value that we have within. You canʼt expect anybody to love and appreciate
    who you are, if you donʼt love and appreciate yourself first. You will eventually attract
    who and what you are. The relationship will never work if your relationship with God and
    your relationship with yourself, isnʼt developed first and foremost.

    11. Focus more on what you can give, rather than what you can receive.

    Giving always creates room for more. In this society of selfishness and selfaggrandizement
    itʼs all about what you can get, by any means necessary. How many
    clothes and shoes can you wear at one time? How many cars can you drive at one
    time? Weʼve become so inundated by what we can consume that we donʼt take as
    much time to invest, not just in ourselves, into the lives of others. What you can give
    may not be monetary, but it can be giving your time…which is far greater than money.
    Look around your community, every problem has a solution that you can provide. Take
    time to improve your city, clean up your community, mentor our youth, and help
    somebody in need. Thereʼs always a blessing in blessing other people.

    12. Expect the great and anticipate greater.

    The power of belief is what will unlock the door to opportunities this year. The faith you
    have to look situations in the face and say, “in spite of what it looks like, I still believe”
    will catapult you to the next level. As much as you expect, you also have to work
    towards it…simply because faith without works is dead (James 2:17). Nothing is just
    going to happen by osmosis or mystically, you have to activate your faith practically.
    Work towards your vision, while believing that all things are possible.

    13. Step into the winnerʼs circle.

    Whether youʼre in the winnerʼs circle or not, depends on whoʼs in your circle. You are
    who you hang around. You will either be a chicken or an eagle, a chump or a champion,
    a worrier or a warrior…which will you choose? You canʼt be a whiner and a winner at the
    same time! Take responsibility for your life by getting in the drivers seat and decide to
    push on the path of your purpose and destiny. This is the time, this is the hour, and this
    is a new year for a new YOU! More love, joy, success, and peace is ahead for you in
    2013…expect it!

    Eddie Connor

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