Among the newest couples to make their presence known in and outside of show business circles is singer/actress Brandy and Ryan Press. He works for Warner/Chappell Music as senior director of Urban R&B. They are engaged but have not set a wedding date.

What sets this couple apart from many others is how attractive they are together. This is not to suggest that looking good has anything to do with solid marriages or relationship longevity, but it sure makes for great pictures!

We wish them well.

SPEAKING of new developments in relationships, by now the whole world, whether interested or not, knows that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who have been dating for about six months, are expecting.

Hopefully the child will be healthy — and not “inherit” Kardashian’s constant need for publicity, ditto for West’s borderline obsession with saying and doing outrageous, and sometimes completely foolish, things to keep the media and the public talking.

Wonder if Kanye has seen Kim’s graphic sex video with her previous boyfriend, Ray J. Probably. If so, maybe it heightened his desire to be with her.

The Kardashian women generally have a preference for Black men, Chloe Kardashian and basketball star Lamar Odom, for example.

I LOVE that new Chrysler video, featuring a beaming Berry Gory. It has a slick, sharp feel, makes Detroit look good (Los Angeles is also featured) and is thoroughly entertaining. You want it to last longer. And the clips of classic Motown artists interwoven into the commercial make it that much more special.

I went right out and bought a Chrysler. (Just kidding!)

There is talk of a movie being made on Lena Horne. The long talked about biopic would star Alicia Keys, a big fan of the legendary and groundbreaking star.

She said, “Lena the woman, the human being, that is the most fascinating to me — her vulnerabilities, her life, her flow through the many difficult times, and good ones, and her ability to remain graceful, elegant and beautiful always.”

PATTI LABELLE is surely still feeling the sting of being ordered to pay $100,000 to Roseanna Monk. She had alleged that two years ago LaBelle, obviously in a foul mood, attempted to strike Monk in a New York City hotel lobby, as well as screaming obscenities and throwing water. (All parties wre living in the building.)

According to the lawsuit, LaBelle was furious because she thought the child was wandering around the lobby unattended, which certainly does not sound like a reason to go ballistic. (Doesn’t really sound like something Patti would do either, but you and I weren’t there.)

Our guess is that if anything like that happens again, LaBelle will make an effort to “get a grip.” You could even call it a “new attitude.”

Sorry to hear about the recent passing of two great ladies of song, R&B star Fontella Bass and legendary gospel songstress Inez Andrews.

Bass is, of course, best known for her still-heard-often classic 1960s hit “Rescue Me,” although she also charted well with “Recovery” and a duet with Bobby McClure, “Don’t Mess Up a Good Thing.”

Andrews was once a member of the legendary Caravans, with whom she sang lead on their big hit “Mary Don’t You Weep.” As a solo artist, she crossed over onto the R&B charts in 1973 with the fantastic “Lord Don’t Move the Mountain.”

NeNe Leakes is one of those people I see and hear about a lot, but so help me can’t see any justification for such a massive amount of fame and media attention. I know she is known for appearing on the reality shows “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Celebrity Apprentice.” Have to wonder, though, if that merits major star status. But, hey, good for her!

BETCHA DIDN’T KNOW…that the personal relationship between famed R&B duo Sam & Dave (Sam Moore and Dave Prater) had deteriorated so badly that in latter days they worked together on stage and after that said nothing to each other.

MEMORIES: “A Woman Needs Love” (Just Like You Do)” (Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio), “Computer Love” (Zapp), “Shoop” (Salt-N-Pepa), “Rub You the Right Way” (Johnny Gill), “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” (Boyz II Men), “Trouble Man” (Marvin Gaye), “Boogie Down” (Eddie Kendricks), “Nasty Girl” (Vanity 6), “Fall Down (Spirit of Love)” (Tramaine), “Automatic” (the Pointer Sisters).

BLESSINGS to Shirleen Fort, Mary Grace Wilbert, Van Cephus, Georgette Jones, Ed Phillips, Deborah A. Coleman, Larry Davis, Betty DeRamus, Michael Wimberley and Donafay Collins.

WORDS OF THE WEEK, from Alan Cohen: “The more confident you are in your own truth, the less it matters whether or not anyone agrees with you.”

Let the music play!

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