4 More Years: What’s Next?

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    Fresh off a fun filled day of festivities commemorating the second swearing in of President Barack Obama, Americans and folks in Washington alike must return to business as usual. That means refocusing on the most pressing issues for an upcoming agenda that will define the next four years. Citizens across the country witnessed in Obama’s inaugural speech that he recognizes the urgency of action, calling attention to social issues affecting various groups within the fabric of America’s identity.

    The question on the minds of many is ‘what will the next four years bring’? Will Obama focus on some of the most pressing issues that have yet to be addressed?

    The past four years have brought about much underrated progress. Steps taken in the first term have placed our country on the right path. After years of politicians promising to focus on health care, the President successfully set out and enacted an effective plan. Obama’s bailout breathed life into a dying auto industry, one that has since returned to a level of prosperity not seen since the 2007 recession. Though the economy may not be exactly where it needs to be, it has recovered with a steady increase in jobs. And, let us not forget, the current administration’s capture and killing of America’s most wanted assailant Osama Bin Laden. All things considered, one might ask ‘what more can be proven’?

    The fact is much remains to be seen. In November, voters granted Obama with an opportunity to return to the White House to continue enacting the vision set forth during his 2008 campaign. Certain issues still loom as citizens look toward our federal government to provide the solutions.

    The ‘superhero’ status voters imbued to Obama when he accepted his role as leader of the ‘free world’ is one that he will not escape. Over the next four years, people will be eagerly watching to see if Obama can continue to shape his legacy as one of the greatest American Presidents. For some, he may have already reached that milestone. For others, the ‘verdict’ is still out.  

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