A job well done. At least that’s President Barack Obama’s opinion when it concerns the work of Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State. The relationship between the two, once at each other’s throats for the democratic nomination during the 2008 Presidential Election, has evolved into quite a dynamic partnership over the past four years.

Last night, Obama sat down with CBS’ ‘60 Minutes’ alongside Clinton for an interview to close out her work as one of his most key figures of his first-term cabinet. He reflected on how great of a collaboration the two have become. Obama also expressed that though he will miss her, he is happy to see she will take a much needed break from politics.

Clinton’s position as Secretary of State is one that has taken her ‘nearly one million miles and 112 countries’ across the world, as she noted during her testimony to the congressional committee about the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Arguably the single most controversial point of her position, it is a moment that has cast an undeniable cloud upon her legacy. That and her recent health scare has caused many to question whether it’s all been ‘too much’ for the former first lady and NY Senator. All things considered, her work has set a new standard of excellence, warranting a sincere and heartfelt ‘thank you’ from President Obama.

The big question: what will the future hold for this political titan? Given her track record, one cannot help but wonder whether Clinton will again endeavor to make history as the first female ‘POTUS’ in 2016. For now, she intends to rest. An extended hiatus will come in handy if she decides to go after the Democratic ticket four years from now.

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