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Even though it is bitter cold outside and it snows all day, it is not too soon to get amped for Summer Blockbuster season! The highly anticipated third installment of the Iron Man series starring Robert Downey Jr. is set to open May 3rd of this year. The trailer that debuted during the Super Bowl this past Sunday showed a very different Tony Stark than the previous Iron Man movies and even the Avengers film. Instead of being an arrogant billionaire, playboy philanthropist, Stark is shown beaten—broken. His penthouse is blown up and the various Iron Man suits are destroyed. Humbled,  a shot shows Stark lying in the snow with a voice over of the superhero saying, “I’ve got a lot apologies to make”.

However, Iron Man 3 is most definitely still an action film. The opening of the trailer is a scene in which Iron Man has to save thirteen people from plummeting to the earth following an airplane explosion. The primary villain is the Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsle who leads a terrorist group known as The Ten Rings – a “technology-crazed criminal,” as MTV describes him. According to Marvel comics, the Mandarin story line is the Iron Man origin story. Clearly Marvel took a different path with the series, but thankfully did not neglect perhaps one of Iron Man’s most diabolical enemies.

Don Cheadle and Gwyneth Paltrow reprise their roles as James “Rhodey” Rhodes (War Machine) and Pepper Potts respectively.


If you were on a snack re-up when the trailer played during the Super Bowl, CLICK HERE to see the extend trailer.


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