“Knowledge is in the end based on acknowledgement.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

In this world, we often let days pass by without acknowledging the good people do. Acknowledgement is the art of providing positive feedback to someone who deserves it. Acknowledgement is indeed much more than giving people compliments — true acknowledgement empowers people by its authenticity, and often leads to fruitful outcomes. Acknowledgement can be an important tool to help stimulate business and growth.

Positive reinforcement through acknowledgment can develop the conversations and relationships that lead to new business. It is important to pay close attention to people and the positive contributions they make. We should never be so intent on our own problems that we forget to appreciate and acknowledge folks when we have the opportunity to do so. When we see someone constantly helping, serving, and making contributions, let’s make sure to acknowledge them.

Acknowledgement is a form of humility, sharing, and sincerity, which generates trust and respect within our everyday networks of relationships and opportunities. Through the giving and receiving of acknowledgement, a great network of influence can be built. Mastering this craft with authenticity, while expecting absolutely nothing in return, can lead to amazing outcomes. Give a little, acknowledge a little. The return on investment can last a lifetime.

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