Is Ben Carson serious about a presidential run?

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    Dr. Benjamin Carson, the renowned neurosurgeon, has over the last two months attacked President Obama’s policies at a traditionally non-partisan prayer breakfast with Obama sitting only a few feet away, spoken at the Conservative Political Action Conference, appeared on FOX News to tout his conservative views and then sat down for a New York Times profile.

    Is he serious about running for president? Republicans have quickly embraced the 61-year-old, eager to have on their side a well-known black doctor who has degrees from Yale and the University of Michigan, several popular books, a post at Johns Hopkins University, one of the most prestigious medical schools in the country, and a Presidential Medal of Freedom award he received in 2008 for his brain surgery work. And Carson is not simply a conservative, but a person who espouses many of the GOP’s core values: He favors a flax tax, speaks frequently about his religion, sharply criticizes political correctness and opposes “Obamacare.”


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