If my child is expelled from Detroit Public Schools, can he/she attend another public school?                                                                                       Students expelled from Detroit Public Schools cannot attend any other public school in the State of Michigan unless it is a school for expelled children. Currently, the school for expelled students is Blanche Kelso Bruce.

What is a High School Middle College?
It is collaboration between a high school district and a community college to allow high school students to complete their high school diploma requirements, sharpen their skills and get a head-start on college work while they are in high school. Detroit Public School (DPS) students will take a combination of core high school and college courses in order to receive their diploma, transferable college credits and/or an Associate Degree.

Does my elementary school aged child qualify for corner bus stop service?
Most regular education elementary pupils are within walking distance of their schools. School bus transportation will be provided to students (K-5) who live three-quarters of one (¾) mile or more from their neighborhood school.
School bus service will be available for most middle school students (6-8) living one and one-half miles or more from their neighborhood schools. When school bus transportation is not available, bus cards will be furnished.

My son has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Can he attend a public school?
Schools throughout DPS serve students with special needs. The district also offers center-based schools to serve specialized populations. We work to ensure their access to and participation in the varied opportunities DPS provides.
This access to instructional and other support services will result in every individual maximizing their potential to successfully participate in school, work, and community life.

Do all DPS Schools offer free lunch?
DPS provides free, fresh cooked food items to all students in grades K-12 through our Heat & Serve program, where meals are heated, served fresh and hot on site to students in every school. Our menus include a healthy array of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole wheat /whole grain breads and pizza, lower fat and sodium meat/meat alternate options (Turkey Burgers, Turkey Meatballs, Grilled Chicken), 100% fruit juices, and 1% or fat free milk.

How long does my child receive make-up work when he/she is suspended?
A student recommended for an administrative transfer is entitled to make-up work until the student’s placement is completed. A student charged with an offense, which results in an approved long-term suspension, is entitled to make-up work until the long-term suspension is approved. A student charged with an expulsion review offense is entitled to make-up work until a final decision is made by the expulsion hearing officer.

What is the Wade H. McCree Jr., Incentive Scholarship Program?
The Wade H. McCree, Jr. Incentive Scholarship Program for ninth graders began as a pilot program in 1985 with seven colleges participating as scholarship sponsors. The program is designed to provide certainty of opportunity to attend college. The scholarship program offers a full tuition grant upon the ninth grade student’s successful completion of a four-year college preparatory curriculum with a minimum B (3.0) average while in high school and a composite score of 21 or better on the American College Text (ACT). In order to participate, students and their parents must sign an agreement which states that they will meet the performance standards of the scholarship program delineated in the Student/Parent Contract.

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