Village Green, Millender Family and The Robert L. Millender, Sr. Memorial Fund, Inc. Agree on Millender Center Apartment’s Naming

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    Detroit, Mich., May 7, 2013 – With the recent acquisition of Millender Center Apartments, Village 

    Green, one of the nation’s largest privately-held developers, owners and managers of luxury apartment
    communities, along with The Robert L. Millender, Sr. Memorial Fund and the Millender family, have
    agreed to include the Millender name in the apartments to honor and recognize the late Robert
    Millender’s major contributions.

    The legacy of Mr. Millender will be celebrated when Millender Center Apartments are renovated and
    repositioned within the marketplace. The apartment community’s new name will be announced at a later
    date, but will include “at Millender Center.” A commemorative portrait and plaque will be prominently
    displayed in the lobby, and a rededication will take place at the grand opening after renovations are
    complete. Residents and guests will be given literature highlighting the many accomplishments of Mr.
    Millender, and his achievements will be included on the community’s website.

    Robert L. Millender, Sr., a political strategist, was a driving force behind the first generation of
    successful African American politicians in the City of Detroit. By developing an overall strategy for
    African American political aspirations, and acting as campaign manager and trusted advisor to elected
    officials, including Congressman John Conyers, Jr., Michigan Secretary of State Richard Austin, Judge
    and Congressman George Crocket, Mayor Coleman Young, several judges and members of Detroit City
    Council, Millender helped Detroit’s African Americans gain political influence. Although never a
    candidate for political office himself, Millender’s significance to the people of Detroit was demonstrated
    by the naming of the Robert L. Millender Center in his honor.

    The Millender family stated, “We are very appreciative for the responsiveness of Village Green and its
    chief executive, Jonathan Holtzman, to the family and community concerns about maintaining the name
    of our father in connection with the apartments. We understand Village Green is not involved with the
    rest of the Millender Center complex.”

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