3 Ways Technology Has Changed Dating and Relationships

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    As we are constantly bombarded with media and are accustomed to having our faces forever glued to our smart phones, every aspect of our lives will inevitably be affected– from the banal and superficial to the most emotional and intimate.

    I’ve been with my partner since before online dating became so popular, and therefore have limited experience when it comes to relationships and the interwebs. (If I suddenly became single again, I would require an in-depth tutorial to avoid making a total ass of myself.) I must rely on others for a better understanding of all the foibles, subtleties, and hilarity of contemporary dating. This is what readers and friends have shared about the ways in which new technology influences the way we interact inside and outside the bedroom.

    Changing Physical Standards and Expectations

    My friend Sean says that hooking up online can sometimes lower your standards. As a gay man living in a rural part of the country, he says that many people refuse to send headshots before meeting. Not only that, many times the physical description that’s on their online profile is completely inaccurate. If someone you weren’t attracted to approached you at a bar, you’d probably just politely decline his advances. But when hooking up online, he says, this scenario often plays out– man comes to your door and is much less attractive than you imagined based on his profile. If you’re horny enough, you might just shrug and say, “Meh. Why not?”

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