Today is the 4th Anniversary of the death of the most prolific entertainer ever—Michael Jackson. I will never forget the moment, when news of his death came across the radio waves. I was driving South on the Lodge, my right turn signal blinking as I take the W. Grand Blvd. exit. At that precise moment, while I was mere minutes away from Hitsville, the news came: “Michael Jackson has passed away”. I am always skeptical of the news reports that celebrities have died. The media is always trying to kill someone off. I immediately began searching the other radio stations and to my horror every station was playing a Michael Jackson song. It can’t be true, I thought. I had plans to stow away on a plane to London to see “This is It”. However, the news vans, the memorial, the growing crowd of tearful fans gathered in front of the Motown museum were the needles that poked a hole in my delusional bubble. My favorite performer was gone and with it my dreams of getting really rich and famous and bumping into him (read: catch a glimpse of him) at an award show.

Now, four years later, the disbelief has worn off and with it comes mild acceptance. I’m no longer sad about the life lost and can celebrate the music and memories made. While it would be very easy to talk about the controversies that plagued his career, instead I’m going to have an MJ Party and watch my 5 of my favorite Michael Jackson videos. 

Watch them with me and tell me your favorites!


Sidenote: It is impossible to pick just five! 


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