“Mentor or Die: The Ultimate Blueprint to Developing a Mentoring Mindset” by Kevin Hall Guides Readers Through the Mentoring Process and How to Change Lives for the Sake of the Nation’s Children

Those who are sick of seeing young people turn to crime, violence, anti-community and substance abuse instead of developing their potential, elevating their consciousness and contributing
to society, because too few are giving them the guidance and proper tools all youths need and deserve, can become empowered to step up and help.

“Mentor or Die: The Ultimate Blueprint to Developing a Mentoring Mindset” by Kevin Hall can educate, inspire and motivate you to become a real leader in your community and a force for good in difficult times by reaching out to struggling children and young people.

What Is a Mentor and Why Does It Matter?

Hall tackles the question of exactly what a mentor is and what a mentor does in the first section of the book. He outlines how adversity affects children and how a strong mentor can help them overcome that hurdle to grow and thrive.

“You can learn how to adopt a formidable mentor mindset, understand the power of education and build mentoring relationships with Mentor or Die,” Hall said. “Effective mentoring has changed my life, and I want to help people move from sitting on the sidelines looking the other way, to being
actively engaged doing good in their communities.” Hall gives readers the skills and understanding they need to provide proper guidance to children and young people struggling with adversity and
confusion. They can help before they get too far down the wrong road.

Learn by Leading

According to Hall, mentoring young people is not an entirely selfless act. It provides real and meaningful benefits to those who choose to become mentors. Your own self discipline will improve as you develop a new understanding of what it really means and how to apply discipline to your
own life with Hall’s five steps to a disciplined mind. “Mentor or Die” tackles topics that make readers think deeply about their own lives and beliefs, such as how to being strong without being violent, discovering your own reasons for success and finding strength through God. Becoming a
mentor means a positive change in your own life as well as your community.

“Mentor or Die: The Ultimate Blueprint to Developing a Mentoring Mindset”
by Kevin Hall is available from ISBN: 9-781478-390664

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