The Gun Debate: Stopping The Violence – Three Nights On PBS

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    In wake of the recent mass shootings in Phoenix, Arizona, Auroa, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut, American debates about violence prevention, gun control, and the second amendment have gained new momentum. This week on PBS NewsHour the success of three new initiatives in California to curb gun violence will be discussed.

    The first offers Los Angeles residents of neighborhoods with a reputatuion for gang-related violence a chance to enjoy summer nights outdoors safely, the second takes a uniquely direct approach to taking guns out of the hands of persons convicted of felonies and/or deemed to be mentally ill, while the third works within the prison system to prevent recidivism among violent offenders.

    As residents of a city that is no stranger to gun related violence itself, Detroiters with an interest in the gun debates are sure to find this program to be informative, provocative, and perhaps, even inspiring.



    Starting tonight @NewsHour continues their coverage on ‘The Gun Debate:Stopping the Violence’ 6pm ET

    Watch the @NewsHour’s continuing coverage on the #GunDebate – A 3-part series on programs fighting gun violence 6pm

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