When Bankruptcy Hits Detroit, Who Cares for the Most Vulnerable Citizens?

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    DETROIT – When the city can no longer step-up for seniors and adults with disabilities, Detroit Area Agency on Aging (DAAA) can. The DAAA provide nearly 4,000 meals daily to homebound seniors in their service area and they are raising funds to serve over 500 more on their waiting list. They are the largest Meals on Wheels program in the state.
    The Detroit Area Agency on Aging (DAAA), a $30 million nonprofit agency, provides meals, medical equipment and a range of support so seniors and disabled adults can stay in their homes instead of in nursing homes or on the streets. DAAA has over 30 programs and saves clients millions of dollars every year by connecting them to Medicare/Medicaid resources.
    They have openings to serve additional seniors, but they must contact the DAAA soon.

    The DAAA service area includes Detroit, the five Grosse Pointes, Hamtramck, Highland Park, and Harper Woods. DAAA supports seniors in Grosse Pointe, for example, with programs like Meals on Wheels and is one of the funders for the new senior center for Grosse Pointe Services for Older Citizens located at 158 Ridge Road, Grosse Pointe Farms.
    DAAA funds home healthcare agencies to help people get out of bed, make meals, clean house, mow lawns and get medical equipment, air conditioners, ramps and other home modifications. We connect seniors and disabled adults to a variety of resources. 

    If you are a senior and need help figuring out how to use Medicare/Medicaid — Call DAAA.
    If you are diabetic and need help managing your disease, we have classes and one-on-one training for you. If there is a heat emergency and you need a ride to a cooling center or fan for your health – Call DAAA!

     When the Federal Government goes on vacation, four major holidays including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day and Easter, they don’t pay for meals for seniors! But DAAA raises extra money to feed seniors on these holidays. This upcoming LABOR DAY Holiday, Flagstar Bank sponsored the 3,500 meals we need for seniors with a $17,500 donation. And 500 metro-Detroit volunteers will put these meals together and 350 of them will deliver the meals to people in our service area.
     If you wish, ask the DAAA about the important startling study Dying Before Their Time by DAAA and partners Wayne State University Medical School and others ,that discovered high incidents of premature deaths in Detroit. The 2003 study was followed up in 2012 – and the number of premature deaths in Detroit increased from 54.5% to 64.5% mainly because Detroit is a medically underserved area.


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