The Sweet and Rising Voice of Dominique Davis

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    Dominique Davis puts the sweet in sweet 16. The Detroit singer, musician and songwriter barely has a work permit and already carries an impressive resume that includes performing the National Anthem for Vice President Joe Biden at the Michigan Democratic Party Dinner in April 2013 and the recent NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner. Both events were attended by global celebrities and dignitaries. Her credentials don’t require a suit and briefcase, just the undeniable gift that chimes from her controlled vocals infused with raw soul and mature funk.

    “I’ve been singing all of my life,” says Dominique. “My greatest influences are my mom and gospel. I grew up in the church and so gospel is what I listened to. I really enjoy singers like Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Chrisette Michele and that’s kind of where my style is adapted from. And I absolutely love Etta James. She is amazing to me.”

    Dominique performed at Cafe 1923 in Hamtramck on Saturday, August 24, 2013 and gave an encore- standing-room-only audience a taste of pure and edgy soul. Her writing equally intrigues and grabs your attention. “I wrote ‘You Lost’ from things that I’ve seen and things that I’ve heard,” she prides. “I’m going into my last year of high school and so I see a lot of relationships and some of my friends who are like wonderful girls will be with these guys and they will tell them that they aren’t ready for certain things. So my lyrics are from the experiences of others and things that I’ve experienced myself. Even if I watch a television show or a movie, when I hear something that sparks, I will say that will be cool in a song and so then I just expound from there and I just build upon those experiences.”

    Dominique’s trajectory is definitely on the rise and poised for success. She makes it clear that she not only respects the craft of singing but people as well. “Singing for Vice President Biden was probably one of the most amazing experiences so far. I’ve always sung around people that I’ve known like at high school and at basketball games and people will compliment me. But this experience was different because the crowd was outside of anything that I’d ever done. To have Mr. Biden come up to me and tell me that I have an incredible voice was just crazy because he’s not just anyone. He’s the Vice President of the United States.”

    Currently working on a variety of music, Dominique continues to perfect her skills and makes education her top priority. “If things go as planned then possibly next year I will be getting my name out there and hopefully doing some studio time. I plan to stay local and go to Wayne State University and major in performing arts and minor in business.”

    When asked if she heavily relies on family to get her through this journey she emphatically replies, “That’s extremely true. You know everything starts at home. You’re around your family the most.  They know everything about you, the ups and the downs and they’re the people that know how to press your buttons and won’t because they love you. Close family and friends are everything to me because if I don’t have that foundation, then I can’t build a house. They are part of the reason why I want to do this so much. I want to make them proud and take them to places that they may not be able to get to themselves.”

    Dominique is available for bookings and is professionally managed by Kimberly Harry.  Stay connected with them at

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