Since the August 3, 2012 opening of the McDonald’s restaurant on Mack Avenue near Moross, 18-year-old twin sisters Kaylah and Kaliyah Jetton woke up at 6 a.m. to catch two busses to get to work. Getting to work on time was just one of the important qualities they learned at their job. As they headed off to begin their freshman year Michigan State University (MSU), they reflected on how working an after-school job has been beneficial to them.

Knowing the sisters were looking to raise money for college, a fellow church member and manager at McDonald’s told the girls of a beautiful new restaurant that would be opening. Shorty after applying, they were excited to find out that they would be on the team that opened the store.

“It’s an honor to work here. You know you’ve been chosen because you are the best,” said Kaliyah.

Both sisters enjoy working at McDonald’s. They have learned skills such as multitasking, customer service, crew training, time management and much more that they know will help them in college and in their future careers.

“One of the best things about working for McDonald’s has been the people that I met everyday,” said Kaylah. “Having this job has furthered my interest in helping people and was a big reason why I decided to study public relations in college.”

At a young age, the twins were enrolled in Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies program offered by Detroit Public Schools. The K-8 program is one of the only public immersion programs in the state, offering dual-language, partial-immersion programs in French, Spanish, Japanese or Chinese. By their freshman year at Cass Tech High School, the Jetton sisters were fluent in Japanese. The young ladies hope to travel to Japan for a study abroad program during college to see the country that they studied for many years.

During the school year, their goal was to keep school first. The flexible schedule at McDonald’s allowed them to work only on the weekends so they could concentrate on their studies. When they graduated this past June, they were able to increase their work hours and still have a schedule that gave them time off to enjoy their summer before entering college.

“What has been really great about working at McDonald’s has been the interest in our futures that managers and owner, Errol Service, and others have taken in us,” said Kaliyah. “We were given recommendation letters to help us find jobs at the McDonald’s near campus and we can rejoin our team here at the Mack Avenue restaurant next summer when we are on break from school.”

Based on a 2012 survey, more than 60 percent of McDonald’s owners began as crew members.

“McDonald’s offers a tremendous amount of growth opportunities for employees. It can be a stepping stone into a management or corporate position,” said Service.

Coworkers at the store feel that the twin sisters really exemplify McDonald’s crew members. Many of the crew remarked on the sisters’ positive outlook, great customer service, calm demeanor, and willingness to help wherever needed, adding that these qualities can really push a person forward in their career.

“We really enjoy being members of the McDonald’s family,” said Kaylah. “The opportunity for growth, flexible schedule and access to health benefits are not always available at part-time jobs.”

If interested in a career at McDonald’s, please visit Kaylah noted that it is important to show initiative, following up with the restaurant after submitting an application. Kaliyah recommends visiting the store and getting to know the managers because it helps you stand out.

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