It doesn’t matter how many nice new developments we build in Detroit or the number of positive headlines our highly touted “resurgence” attracts across the country –– if our public school system is broken, our entire city remains broken. Without a strong educational system capable of preparing our children for what lies ahead, we are kidding ourselves to think that the Detroit recovery is truly a success story in the making.

The measure of any civilized society can be taken by how well that society takes care of its children. By that measure, Detroit remains an abysmal failure and we should all be ashamed. Last year the local headlines, some of which made national news, were dominated by reports of public schools where gymnasium floors were grossly warped, dead rodents were in plain view, and some classrooms were so cold that students were forced to wear If we don’t save the children, nothing else matters.

After careful consideration, The Michigan Chronicle has chosen to endorse the following seven candidates for the Detroit Public School Board. All seven were chosen from the list of those who responded to our candidate questionnaire. Click to see the Michigan Chronicles picks.

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