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    DWSD leads response to remediation efforts in Eastside Detroit neighborhoods
    In response to sewer backups in the Jefferson Chalmers and Cornerstone Village neighborhoods, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) has taken historically unprecedented steps…
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    Two cases of Hepatitis A identified, City of Detroit offers preventative vaccinations
    Health officials at the Detroit Health Department and Michigan Department of Health & Human Services identified a second case of Hepatitis A in two weeks.…
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    Making enough money to meet basic needs is not too much to ask
    My job at Wendy’s on Detroit’s east side doesn’t afford me enough to take care of my basics, and I think companies making billions off…
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    Is the RTA anti-Detroit?
    Earlier this month, the Amalgamated Transit Union submitted a strongly worded formal complaint to the Regional Transit Authority, accusing them of both racism and discrimination…

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    NewsOne Now Previews DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’
    Superhero movies have taken over the box office in recent years, bringing many of our favorite comic book characters to life in spectacular fashion. Marvel’s Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers, Spider-Man, along with DC’s Batman and Superman, have all reached record-breaking success. And earlier this year, gun-toting anti-hero Deadpool literally blew box office numbers away. […]
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    Hillary Clinton Hits Trump On ‘Alt-Right’ Support
    Trump's unprecedented public display of divisive language has found a warm spot in the hearts of groups who feel the candidate speaks to their deepest fears and instills a return to the old guard with the campaign rallying cry, 'Make America Great Again.'


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    Felle: Art is his business, serving is his passion
    Detroit bred artist Felle has moved around the country throughout his years in the industry, but has returned to his home city to work on…
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    SBA partners with Kellogg Foundation to launch $2.M entrepreneurship initiative
    The leaders of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) and microlenderJustine PETERSEN today announced the formation of the Aspire Entrepreneurship Initiative,…


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    Rio Police Exaggerated Their Version Of Ryan Lochte’s Events, Too
    After the swimmer apologized for lying about getting robbed and held at gunpoint at a Rio gas station last week, it looks like the police lied a bit, too.
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    Why We Need To Celebrate Black Love In All Its Forms
    In celebration, HelloBeautiful kicked off the pilot episode of our new series HelloBeautiful Presents: Black Love featuring three couples at three different stages in their relationships.


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    Mariah Carey Serenades Martin Lawrence In The Most Awkward Way
    There's no man Mariah Carey can't serenade, or at least attempt to serenade, during a concert.
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    Mariah Carey’s Sister Arrested For Prostitution, Pleads For Mariah’s Help As She Fights For Her Life
    Will Mariah extend a hand to help her troubled sister?


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    2016 Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame Inductee Sheryl Swoopes Keeps Championship Attitude
    Former Loyola University Women’s Head Basketball Coach Focuses on What’s Best for Students   COLUMBUS, OH, July 5, 2016 – “In turn of the recent events, despite…
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    Funniest Rio Olympic memes, tweets
    RIO DE JANEIRO — Me when the sample pizza bagels come out of the toaster oven at Costco — jay caspian kang (@jaycaspiankang) August…


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    Politics, the Pulpit, and the People
    Part 1 of 2-part series   Many people believe that the church should stay out of politics and that politics should stay out of the…
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    Clergy and churches launch new DRIVE initiative
    Over 50 congregations were represented at the Commitment Ceremony of the Detroit Regional Interfaith Voice for Equity (DRIVE) on Sunday afternoon, Jan. 31. Five hundred and fifty…


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    Martin Blasts Trump For Exploiting Black Plight To Win White Moderate Votes
    In recent days, Donald Trump has recalibrated his presidential campaign to reach out to Black voters. The GOP’s presidential nominee talked about the problems Black communities are facing and how he’s the person to fix them. The problem with Trump’s attempt to attract African-American voter support is that he’s making his appeal to Blacks in front […]
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    Army Of Moms Fight To Take Back Their South Side Chicago Neighborhood
    Tired of waiting on help from outside of the community, a group of mothers got together to do something about the violence themselves.


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    Local teen named White House HBCU All Star
    Michigan Youth Is White House HBCU Ambassador The White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) named 73 ambassadors nationwide on August 19,…
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    Detroit Public Schools Community District opens new Regional Enrollment Centers
    On Aug. 15, the new Detroit Public Schools Community District opened three new regional enrollment centers for new families and families who are returning from…


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    A Lifetime of Drug Abuse – Still Found my Success
    Sheldon Hill started using drugs and alcohol at the age of eight. By 12, he was dealing drugs for his father, and by 16, he…
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    Jabs Gym KO’s the typical workout
    As the battle against obesity continues, it can be difficult to find a good fit among the wide range of fitness journeys, challenges and projects.…


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    8 Celebrities Who Made It Later In Life
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    10 Things You Need To Know About Simone Manuel
    Your Favorite Olympians: Where Are They Now?
    African-American Medalists At The 2016 Rio Olympics