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    Kendrick Lamar Gets Deep In The Video For “Alright”
    Kendrick Lamar fortunately didn’t succumb to the violence surrounding him during his formative years in Compton: the children tainted by violence, trigger-happy policemen, the overall sense of…
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    50 Cent Won’t Stop Hating ‘Empire,’ Takes His Millionth Shot
    50 Cent is nowhere near done with his one-man vendetta against Empire, and now he’s picking one against the BET Awards, which just aired last Sunday (June 28). 50…
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    Obama Extends Overtime Pay To Millions Of Americans
    Obama says he is motivated by the fact that Americans are working longer days without due compensation.
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    From symbol to substance, is a new South coming?
    “It is time to move the flag from the capitol grounds.” With those words, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley captured the new understanding that came…

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    Black Girl Magic: 15 Facts You Should Know About Ballet Superstar Misty Copeland
    Misty Copeland and her rise atop the ranks of the competitive world of ballet has been one barrier-shattering moment after another. On Tuesday, it was…
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    Chicago Cops Coach Youth Baseball League On South Side To Broker Peace
    At a time when interactions between African-Americans and police are fraught with tension over allegations of excessive force by cops across the nation, a team…


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    Puerto Rico, Greece economies crash and burn, more …
    Also, the Supreme Court is making more groundbreaking rulings before their fall session and the second escaped convict has finally been caught.
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    Facebook stalls on diversity, hires 7 African Americans in latest count
    Amid demands by civil rights leaders and others for employers to improve foundering diversity on Silicon Valley, Facebook has been slow to build a workforce…


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    YAASSSS!!! Misty Copeland Becomes First Black Principal Dancer At ABT
    Copeland has long spoken out about her goals to make it as a principal dancer for the company.
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    Jada Pinkett Smith ‘Magic Mike XXL’ and objectification (Watch)
    *EUR was On The Scene at the hot Hollywood premiere of “Magic Mike XXL, “starring Jada Pinkett-Smith, Channing Tatum and Donald Glover. EUR: Comments have been made about Magic Mike XXL and objectification…Talk about that… Jada Pinkett-Smith: I don’t think its objectification at all. When you think about objectification, you have to really think about […]
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    Tyga fails to pay 50K offered to squash underage sexual battery lawsuit
    *As Tyga eagerly awaits Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday on August 10, he’s reportedly embroiled in a lawsuit with a woman who claims he subjected her to sexual battery. According to court documents nabbed by Radar Online, Tyga offered to pay her $50,000 to keep quiet, but has so far only paid half. Model Allison Brown filed suit […]
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    Nicki Minaj campaigns for ‘Intelligent’ Guest Host Spot on ‘The View’
    *Being sexy has never been a problem for Nicki Minaj. Being seen as intelligent….that may be a different thing, judging from the co-hosts on “The View.” According to “Dish Nation,” the rapper is determined to appear as a guest co-host on the show to prove that she’s just as intelligent as they are when discussing […]
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    Mickey ‘Memphitz’ Wright wanted for assault and robbery (WATCH)
    *Hey K. Michelle, this story’s for you. It seems her ex, the man she accused of beating her, Mickey “Memphitz” Wright, is a wanted man for robbing a car wash worker in the Atlanta area. Specifically, the Johns Creek, GA police department has issued warrants for the arrest of Wright, a former record executive who […]
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    Rory Darvel stars in Keyana Ri’chards’ stage play ‘Invisible Dani: No More Secrets’
    *Los Angeles, CA – SHINE Community Theatre Arts Company in association with We Ain’t Playin’ Productions presents the most influential stage play Los Angeles has encountered, “Invisible Dani: No More Secrets,” written, produced and directed by Keyana Ri’chards and starring actor/singer/songwriter Rory Darvel. “Invisible Dani: No More Secrets” is a stage play that boldly addresses […]


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    If Living Alone As A Woman Doesn’t Teach You These Lessons, You’re Doing It Wrong
    Because living alone is proof that you're doing something right.
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    Inside Out Beauty: Jhene Aiko Reveals Her New Clothing Line
    Jhene Aiko is flexing her skills by venturing out into the fashion world.
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    Plus size fitness fashions you should own
    Just because you jiggle more than most doesn't mean you should be jiggling in the gym. Here's all the fitness fashion every curvy chick needs.
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    Chick Chat: Hubby & I Are Spicing Things Up With A Summer Sex Challenge
    If there is one thing I’ve learned after 14 years of marriage, it’s that it takes a lot of effort to make a relationship work. Effort to learn (and accept) each other’s communication style. Effort to support each other through good times and bad. Effort not to let each other’s annoying habits drive you nuts. […]


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    LeBron James has opted out of contract with Cavaliers
    The Cavaliers are going through some contactual and personnel changes through the offseason in hopes of finally getting that NBA Championship. Of course, LeBron James will be at…
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    Funniest NBA Draft memes, especially ones ravaging the reeling Knicks
    NEW YORK — The first two rounds of the 2015 NBA Draft are complete and, let’s just say, Knick fans are even more depressed and…
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    NBA Draft 2015 Live: Every First Round Pick So Far
    After a few weeks of trade rumors and free agent speculation, the 2015 NBA Draft is here! Its widely assumed that University of Kentucky freshman Karl-Anthony…
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    Stephen Curry and LeBron James duke it out at 2015 ESPY Awards
    Nominees for this year’s ESPY Awards are in and there are at least a couple categories worth a double-take. In the midst of his ongoing…


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    Black pastors in Detroit grapple with gay marriage ruling
    On Friday, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of gay marriage. On Sunday, one can only imagine the reactions throughout the…
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    Faith leaders respond to Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage ruling
    Same-sex marriage bans are no longer legal in America, the US Supreme Court ruled 5-4 today. Not everyone agrees. Faith leaders have responded in kind.…


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    Increasing magnesium levels can help seniors avoid health risks, improve sleep and decrease pain
    We often hear that we are not absorbing enough minerals and vitamins in our diets. A lack of magnesium in the diet is among the…
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    In my hair feelings….
    Am I the only person that feels my hair dictates my outfit? My hair and outfit is a representation of how I am feeling that…
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    What’s The Temperature?
    Conversations and questions about the temperature or weather, happen daily in your community and are expressed by the meteorologist on TV. If you live in…


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    Howard Fuller on educational opprtunities for low-income families
    I have been and continue to be a strong supporter of the fight to provide low-income and working class parents with the power to choose…
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    Detroit Public Schools congratulates its 2015 Parent University graduating class
    A unique graduating class was celebrated recently at Detroit Public Schools’ Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School. The 2015 class of the District’s Parent…
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    Unique engineering summer camp for Detroit-area students
    The University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) College of Engineering and Science offers a unique summer camp for high school students interested in engineering, robots and…


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    Childhood obesity, why it exists and how it can be eliminated
    The percentage of overweight children in the United States is growing at an alarming rate, with one out of three kids now considered overweight or…
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    Real Women Sweat: These 5 Tips Will Get You To The Gym Today
    Gym or dinner? If your choice is dinner, you need these motivational tips to get your sweat on.
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    If you qualify for Medicaid and Medicare, you must take action
    Many people considered MI Health Link, the state’s new program that allows some people who qualify for health care and services that are covered by…



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    2015 BET Awards Red Carpet Arrivals
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    Relive BET Awards 2015 With The Best Photos Of The Night!
    Michigan Chronicle’s Pancakes and Politics Forum IV – The State of the Region
    20 Pictures That Show The Powerful Resilience Of Charleston’s Mother Emanuel AME Church

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