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imagejpeg 2The tumultuous plight of our City has been griped by the spirit of violence which give me to know that what we as spiritual leader are fighting is not just flesh and blood, nor can it be defeated by physical strength and solutions only. I am a firm believer that the effectual fervent prayer of those who practice right living availeth much and that we need more than just one day of prayer and humanitarian involvement but a without ceasing intercessory campaign of Faith and works. Works that includes the local church, family community, and our city government and spiritual leader who possess no hidden agendas realizing that we are servants or the lord and his people not prophetic charmers and dictators. We must teach and instill a renewed love and respect for God, life, Family and our fellow man. We are better, stronger, and safer together yes we are our brother’s keeper. We must never forget that wise solutions began with the fear of the lord and except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.    

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