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What was once meant to be a simple diversion while waiting in line, or something to keep the kiddies quiet, has now gained relevance in the tech/gaming world.

Tons of money and creativity have gone into the production of some fantastic mobile apps, which, to be honest, rival pretty much any game console on the market. In fact, heavyweights such as EA Games and others are developing experiences specifically for the mobile user. Plenty of homes have Xbox 360s, Playstation 3s, and Nintendo Wiis, but even more people carry cell phones in their pockets, and the number of tablet owners is growing, as the masses abandon their beloved PCs for portability.

A game can be as complex as the popular “Infinity Blade” series, or as simple as “Angry Birds.” Priced at $.99 a pop, the series has become a favorite (spanning generations), and has even sprung up at retail stores in the guise of plush colorful stuffed toys and more.

Not content to just settle with an already massively successful brand, Rovio Entertainment is cooking up a whole new way to play “Angry Birds.” First, there was “Angry Birds Space.” Now, there’s the highly anticipated “Angry Birds Star Wars,” which is scheduled for release on Nov. 8. It’s almost a given that the title (like its predecessors) is going to be a major hit. I’d wager that it’ll do double the expected business given the “Star Wars” connection, and George Lucas wouldn’t have lent his precious “Star Wars” universe if this game wasn’t going to bring the awesome.

Obviously, there’s more to come. This past summer saw mobile game versions of the movies “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “The Avengers,” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” The graphics were top-notch and the price ($6.99) is a lot cheaper than the average $50 for a new game purchased from your local Best Buy or Game Stop.

Also, the ways we experience mobile games are changing.

The MOGA game controller is taking the idea further by giving the user a full-featured controller with dual analog sticks, shoulder triggers, and action buttons to get the job done. Touch screen gaming can be awkward, if not sometimes inaccurate, particularly for games with multiple control gestures, which can be frustrating to execute.

There’s plenty to improve upon, but mobile gaming is moving past its infancy and into a larger world populated by grownups.

What’s clear is that mobile games are here to stay. More importantly, they’re constantly evolving into more than time-wasters, nostalgia trips, or remakes – it’s an art form with a wide landscape ready to be populated.

 Click here to watch “Angry Birds Star Wars” trailer


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