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It’s no secret that people in the public eye are under a level of scrutiny that most regular folks cannot fathom. Yet, one cannot help but ask, ‘what’s behind the constant bashing of our country’s first lady?’

After a week of intense scrutiny leading up to her superbowl performance, Beyonce has returned the torch of torture over to Michelle Obama. A high school football coach by the name of Bob Grisham has been suspended from his current post for calling the first lady a ‘fat butt’. He made the comment in response to students while discussing his school’s low-calorie lunches.

Grisham’s criticism is the latest in a string of stinging comments against Obama. First, it was the arduous assessment of her new hairdo by some. Then, it was the slamming of her inaugural wardrobe by others. Nevermind the chiseled arms and her relentless pursuit of improving kids’ health across the nation. She is now being negatively criticized for her body.

Since the beginning of the year, it seems that critics have come out stronger than ever against two of our most prominent women of color. One cannot help but consider than no other female of a different hue has recently stood in the face of such backlash for completely frivolous reasons. The national platform both Beyonce and Michelle Obama have been given is also a curse. Every little move made, even with the best intentions, draws public outrage.

What’s next? Soon, they’ll be getting cited for breathing incorrectly. Give me a break!

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