After the election of President Barack Obama, we thought that the United States was becoming a post-racial society. Nevertheless, in Michigan, racism is boiling over in party ranks. Gloria Platko, a township clerk in Buena Vista, Michigan was caught on tape calling her supervisor, Dwanye Parker, “an arrogant nigger,” as reported by Newsone. Interim Township Manager Dexter Mitchell taped the 63 year-old during a phone conversation using the racial slur to describe her boss.

The incident caused an uproar in the community and protests from the Saginaw branch of the NAACP asking for her immediate resignation. However, Platko is not going to resign, after acknowledging she has eaten dinner with black friends at their homes during an interview with a reporter from NBC 25

“I’m sorry to my five other board members, and I’m entirely sorry to this entire community. I’ve eaten Thanksgiving dinner with black friends at their house. So I’m far from prejudiced. You need to go interview some of the black people who have supported me for the last four or five years.” – Gloria Platko

It is sad that in 2013, the outward expression of insidious racial epithets toward black leadership is considered okay and freely expressed. When leaders voice their opinions openly, they are expressing how they think and how they feel, even if they claim it is a “slip of the tongue.” Come on…really?

Michigan has historically been the epicenter of racism and racially charged incidents, but even today, we can see just how far we have come since blacks marched for civil rights. At the end of the day, some folks still consider African Americans “niggers” in Michigan.

“Buena Vista Residents Support, Condemn Gloria Platko as Township Board Passes Resolution Seeking Her Resignation,” MLIVE reports:

We have much work to do on race relations. African Americans cannot stand idly by as strong racial sentiments are expressed by white leadership in any situation. It is not acceptable to call anyone “an arrogant nigger,” nor is it okay to improperly address people in this day and age. It is unacceptable, and black people must stand for civil rights, economic justice, and outright respect in Michigan’s racially-charged environment.

We shall overcome some day. Gloria Platko apologized for her remarks, but does that make it okay? In my opinion, she should resign today and reflect on her indiscretions toward black people.

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