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In the Detroit Free Press on Oct. 20, 2013, there were two articles on home invasions as examples of the prevalence of crime in Detroit. The articles described how residents abandon their neighborhoods because the homes have been invaded multiple times. The criminals are well known because they are the ones sitting all day, idly entertaining themselves and watching their neighbors. A brief absence from home results in burglary. Yes, these are black people. The brazenness and seeming invincibility of these obvious criminals is one of he consequences of the decision to abandon the city by the ruling class when the city began to become majority black. They took the money with them and left the city without jobs, without services, without any offer of collaboration. In retrospect, it appears to be the working out of a master plan. In a large city where poverty is the norm, where jobs are scarce to non-existent, where there is little transportation to get to suburban jobs and no hiring for blacks even if there were transportation, anarchy and dystopia are to be expected. Blacks are easy to identify. It is extremely easy to associate dysfunction with blackness when blacks are confined by poverty and joblessness to specific geographic locations. The association is confirmed when the master plan itself ensures dysfunction. Historically, immigrant Irish, Polish, Jews and Italians have gone through the same experience. They have been allowed to assimilate as those who call themselves “white” felt the need to increase their number for political gain. It is the unique nature of the US, with its “peculiar institution” of slavery as well as our readily identifiable features that have kept blacks from assimilating as the other immigrants have done. The combination of historical determinants and the identifiability of blackness has allowed the ruling class to manipulate the natural ebb and flow of cities to great profit. Detroit is the best example of racism for profit. Detroit’s “Black Bottom,” was a heavily guarded enclave for blacks during the booming auto manufacturing period. With the breakup of obvious discrimination and the dispersal of black people, the thriving Black Bottom society also broke up. The black professionals, the entrepreneurs, the intellectuals and their wealth also left. At the same time, the real estate agents, the bankers and the politicians made huge profits breaking up white neighborhoods with a practice called “block busting.” The real estate agent would convince one white person to sell to a black person at an exorbitant price. Then, the agent would go door to door warning the neighbors of the coming black invasion. The resulting “integration” would last from the time the first black family moved in until the last white family moved out. That process could take as little as one year. Blacks entered and took over more and more neighborhoods as whites fled to the suburbs. Not surprisingly, the affluent blacks who originally moved to the surrounding Detroit neighborhoods also left for nicer homes as their now affordable homes became attractive to poorer blacks. Eventually, most of the city was abandoned to the poor. The capitalists never fail to spot an opportunity. Here is a major city, in a prime location on the Detroit river, in the great lakes state, with a convenient transportation hub to other prime US locations. But, what to do about the blacks? The strategy emerges without a lot of pondering. Drive the blacks out by allowing the anarchists to operate without interference from an underfunded police department. Remove the black administration and replace it with state control. Provide adequate security for the central city by moving out the indigents and guarding it from the anarchists with heavy and responsive police presence. Invite investors in to renovate and rebuild on the now dirt cheap properties. Recoup the investments by selling to the suburbanites who are eager to take advantage of the now exciting attractions of a potentially great city on the rebound. Sit back and wait for money to roll in from the state, the federal government and the hordes of investors eager to get in on the action. Move the poor blacks farther and farther away as the city extends its affluence out from the center. In effect, reverse the process used to empty the city of whites and affluent blacks. Given this strategy, Detroit becomes an example of the strategic plan that the empire has used repeatedly to destabilize a country that happens to have valuable resources. First it will pit identifiable segments of the population against each other. Cause chaos and anarchy by inciting violence. Move in troops to restore order. Install a compliant government. Strip the area of the valuables. Abandon the area to decay until the value is replenished, or forever if not. If there are identifiable and mutually antagonistic religions, castes, cultures, races, etc., the process is always the same. African, Middle Eastern and South American countries have experienced this process over and over again. The poor blacks of Detroit were left sitting on valuable property after the rulers had stripped the city of all of its liquid resources and its ability to produce more goods of value. Now that the property itself can be made to produce wealth again, the blacks sitting on it must be eliminated. The process is this. Since Mike Duggan, a white man who resoundingly defeated a long-term black politician, has been elected mayor, the state and suburbs will begin supporting the city again. Mayor Duggan has been in consultation with the governor to regain power for the office of mayor. The elected city council, composed of black people has been stripped of power. The council will be kept neutered until whites can be elected to the positions. White people have been returning to the city quietly. They are very comfortable in their safe haven in the central city. A program on CNN called, “Parts Unknown,” showcased Detroit. The odd thing is that very few blacks were shown. Most of the people describing Detroit were white even though blacks make up about 86% of the population. The master plan is clear. The reputation of Detroit as the most dysfunctional city in the US has served its purpose. Now, the name “Detroit” is to be rehabilitated. The process has begun. The power holders and investors are licking their chops. Detroit will once again be the jewel on the river. Only the black people who have managed to hang on and preserve the city in the face of unrelenting assault might gain. Many others who have been forced out or now live on the margins will have lost again. The cruelties of unrestrained capitalism are on full display in Detroit. But, black people are not the helpless victims of history. Black people have an undeniable advantage in Detroit. Possession, after all, is “nine-tenths of the law.” The black Detroiters who can, are holding fast. They are still the owners. The future has not yet given its verdict on their fate.

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