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*Attorney Wayne Bennett is a mess, and I mean that with all due respect. He is a lawyer who works with families in the Philadelphia court system and blogs as “the Field Negro” which I just saw for the first time because attention is being drawn to a list he has compiled of House Negroes – folks you will find yourself very familiar with, who he has put on blast, and apparently, doesn’t give a you-know-what how you feel about it!

And wait until you see who made the list. Many of you agreed with the choices on his blog, entitled, “My top ten list of house Negroes in America for 2014.” In fact, the blogger had a record 55 responses – which is apparently higher than average for him. So he messaged Journal-isms saying, “I had a few e-mails as well…But as you can see from the comments section on the blog, a few people had some choices of their own.”

Bennett’s list included Jason Riley, editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal; CNN anchor Don Lemon; comedian Sheryl Underwood; actress Stacey Dash; Allen West, former Republican congressman from Florida; rap artist 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson); the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson; Robin Clearmountain, former director of multicultural affairs for the Florissant, Mo., Police Department and supporter of Ferguson, Mo., Officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Michael Brown; “all the Negroes who participate in those lame cooning reality shows. (I see you Tamar [Braxton]),” and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Wayne Bennett

“Some folks were upset because I included Rev. Jackson,” Bennett said, then added, “But hey….”

Bennett said, “Honorable mention goes to Tavis Smiley, Stephen A Smith, Herman Cain, and Ray Nagin,” as he called out the broadcast personality, ESPN pundit, former Republican primary presidential candidate and imprisoned former mayor of New Orleans, respectively.

Bennett’s list not only names his choices, but identifies what got them on the list in the first place.

And while some readers weighed in with their own additions, calling out TV personality, comic and educator, Bill Cosby, and even newly famous on a very small scale “Django” actress Daniele Watts; another took issue with TV commentator Don Lemon being on the list, saying the newsman who tip-toes his way through the African American community “redeemed himself with Ferguson.”

Go figure.

Check out the list though. You will find yourself chuckling in either agreement or disbelief.

Readers Make Additions to ‘Top 10 House Negroes in America’ Blog (Guess Who Made the List!) was originally published on atlantadailyworld.com

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