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With Election Day upon the citizens of Detroit, both gubernatorial candidates Rick Snyder and Mark Schauer are trying to make a last minute push to sway voters and present the best case for them holding or getting the state’s top seat in Michigan. State Sen. Burt Johnson held a press conference on Monday, Nov. 3 at the Teri Lynn Land Secretary of State office on West Grand Blvd. in Midtown Detroit, to discuss why Gov. Rick Snyder is not the man for that powerful and coveted office.

Gov. Snyder has come under attack during his four-year term for cutting benefits for the elderly, and stripping away educational opportunities. Sen. Johnson and State Rep. Fred Durhal also accused Gov. Snyder of blatantly deceiving voters and passing off hard fought voting rights policies from the Democratic Party as his own.

“They are trying to steal what are great public policies, as fought for by Detroit legislators in both houses of the Senate, to bring relief to the people that have reached out to us on an everyday basis.” said Johnson in a press conference in front of the Secretary of State office on West Grand Blvd. “There are people in this Secretary State office who have driver’s responsibility fees that they cannot afford to pay,” Johnson added.

Election officials indicated that judges in the city of Detroit and across the state of Michigan have been particularly careful not to apply sentences that would cause defendants to incur what they label “inappropriate fees,” in reaction to voter suppression policies that hinder voting on the part of those who would be negatively impacted by the controversial policies.

“Gov. Snyder has taken our policy to assist voters and not impose these restrictive voting fees, and co-opted it and tried to make it his own. Then he placed our names [Fred Durhal and Bert Johnson] on billboards across Detroit to imply that he has our support. Nobody contacted us and nothing could be further from the truth,” Durhal fumed.

“He is the worst Governor in modern history. Mark Schauer should be our Governor. You shouldn’t tell our people anymore lies,” concluded Johnson.

Johnson and Durhal were joined by state of Michigan Rep. Alberta Tinsley-Talabi who promised to make the official voting rights legislative report available to the public.






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