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This past week, Michigan endured some serious snow. Contemplating if I should even leave the house this day to drive through a whirl wind of blowing flurries on my usual mission to find some great food; I got in my car wondering what I really was in the mood for. Cautiously driving down the slick, yet busy streets, there were two things I knew for sure. One, I wanted a meal that would warm my insides, secondly; this dining experience had to be authentic and unique due to the challenge of getting there through what appeared to be a “winter wonderland”.

Making a choice on where I could acquire what I had envisioned in mind, I decided on Seva, a Vegetarian eatery located on Forest Avenue. Located in Midtown Detroit, it’s not an easy place to find. Missing my turn the first time due to the entry way to the parking lot being narrow, I finally ended up in this cozy structured restaurant that resembles a large loft.

Accompanied to my table and indecisive on what beverage to taste, the waiter gave me a sample of an authentic beer strong enough to knock your socks offs yet great in flavor! I started my order off with a bowl of their Aged Cream of Potato Soup. Stirring my onions and shredded cheddar together with my spoon, I came to find that this liquid dish in my opinion was rather bland. Leaving a strong aftertaste in my mouth, I put it to the side and waited on my second selection to arrive.

I’ve had cauliflower raw, cooked and mixed with other vegetables; however, I’d never had it the way this restaurant prepares it. For those of you unaware of what General Tso’s Chicken is, it’s a spicy deep fried Asian dish served with a sweet and hot exotic sauce. Seva’s General Tso’s Cauliflower is prepared in the same fashion. Prior to biting into it, I had doubts however after my first piece; I was immediately sold! The taste of the spicy battered dipped vegetables made for one impeccable appetizer filled with flavor.

The soup in my opinion was nothing to write home to momma about however the General Tso’s Cauliflower made my dinning experience exactly what I was looking for this particular chilly day; authentic and unique that is.

Adra Young is local food critic, international book reviewer and host of the Cooks and Books Show on Urban Nation Radio. To keep up with her latest book and food reviews, log onto http://bookandfoodreviewsbyadra.blogspot.com.

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