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*We’ve heard of people getting car loans, home loans and student loans. Now you can add weave loans to the list, and apparently, with the “Weave Loan Store” laying down roots in Detroit, women there are flocking to get the dough they need to get that head lookin’ tight!

A weave can easily cost you hundreds of dollars. And unless you’ve got a hefty, regular, disposable income, you are going to eventually start feeling the strain on your budget and look for ways to support your habit.

Is it any surprise that a group of creative entrepreneurs found a way to help you out?

And they have made getting this loan very appealing. It’s as easy as getting a car loan. In the video (scroll down) they say, “Good credit…Great.” ” No credit…That’s OK.” Bad credit…No problem.”

Sound familiar?

Weave loan store

Its obvious they are catering to a black audience by the way the animated figures, brown in color, speak. But I guess they didn’t think that same target audience would mind that the picture of the woman on the money is white (as are the ‘thumbs up’ hands) with long, shiny hair.

The video also states that with a weave loan, “Now you can afford to be beautiful!”

weave loan, white lady

The Weave Loan Store, located at 21621 West 8 Mile in Detroit, has a website that shows their approval process. Like we said, its easy. All you need is a valid ID, a recent check stub and the initial down payment.

Hey, if you’re going to be in debt, you just as well look good while getting there.

Please realize I’m joking.

Watch the ad for The Weave Loan Store below

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