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Maze Jackson










Black folks stay mad. Mad at their politicians. Mad at the police. Mad at the sellouts. Mad at media. The list goes on and on, and quite frankly I am sick of hearing it. We are our own worst enemy in most cases, but instead of doing something about it, we keep complaining. And we know what complaining gets us. Absolutely nothing, so I say it’s time for  Black Community to “Sit or get off the pot!”

You heard me right, “Black folks need to sit or get off the pot,” or we will keep losing power, influence, and opportunities, and really I don’t have too much more time to wait on Black people. Now, please don’t misunderstand, I am down for the cause and I will fight the power with best of them. I KNOW that institutionalized racism exists and there are a plethora of issues that affect the Black community’s outcomes. I get it, but I have two kids in private school, a mortgage, car note and bills, so I don’t have time for Black people to keep playing with my money, so I’m going to say it again. BLACK PEOPLE…SIT OR GET OF THE POT!

BLACK PEOPLE, you got one more time with me, before I trade my red, black, and green flag in for just a green flag, the money flag. You got one more time with me to complain about two Chicago’s, but can’t come together to even field a Black candidate for Mayor. You got one more time to complain to me about the prison industrial complex that is making money off of mass incarceration, but you won’t even challenge the local State’s Attorney. Yeah, you got one more time to complain to me about a rubber stamp, when you won’t donate, volunteer, or vote. So again I am saying it, Black people…it’s time for you to sit or get off the pot.

I could have taken a check and been quiet a long time ago but I have spent the last 20 years fighting for Black people to get their fair share in the political and business worlds, which does not always work well for my ATM card. Conversely, I watch the Black community view the successful Black businessmen and politicians with disdain because they collaborate and work with THE MAN. We call them sellouts, Uncle Toms, and all types of vile names. We hate on them for their money, their votes, and their success. My generation says we won’t be like “THEM.” But as I watch how Black people do, and you know how we do, with little things like VOTING…if the new generation of leaders has to deal with the same mad Black people that complain about everything, but don’t do anything, then we too will eventually become the same people that the mad Black people are complaining about and the cycle of downward spiral of the collective Black community will continue. So we can eat together, or we can eat alone, but we are going to eat! Which means it’s time for Black people to sit…or get off the pot!

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